What is the free trial and how long is it?

The free trial gives you 2 hours of unrestricted access to try out our service before actually purchasing. You can view up to 100 businesses during the 2 hour trial period.

How do your Subscriptions work?

The “Master Account” is the base level of service and provides you with unlimited access to use our database in a single state. There are a couple ‘add-ons’ such as the Carrier Search feature or additional states, which are a-la-carte pricing. More details can be found on the Subscriptions page while logged in to your (trial) account.

Does it work on a smart phone or tablet?

Yes! It works on both. You can access Insurance Xdate anywhere you have internet or data service.

How do I view a business’s Contact information and Carrier history?

Click on a business listing. This will display additional details available for the business.

What is the 2 month cancellation period?

- The 2 month cancellation period applies to monthly subscriptions. On the first installment we bill you for your first month of service plus your last 2 months of service. This is not a cancellation fee. When you cancel, your account you will not be billed any further, but will remain active to use for the next 2 billing cycles.

- Example: sign up on January 1st. Request cancellation March 31st. You will not be billed any further but your account will remain active through May 31st (April and May billing cycles).

- If you decide to upgrade to an annual subscription this amount will be credited toward purchase.

Can I export information and if so how much does it cost?

Yes! Basic exporting is included with your Master Account. The data that exports is based on your subscription/services purchased.

Click here to view an example of the export file. For a state specific example contact us at support@insurancexdate.com and let us know what state you are in.

When I export my list it only has the first 1,000 businesses, how can I export all of them?

Exporting is capped at 1,000 businesses per export (see below ‘restrictions of use’ for more details). If your list is larger than this use the targeting criteria to split into multiple lists. For example, if you use 1/1 through 3/31 for your xdates and it gives you 2,000 businesses – adjust your dates to 1/1 to 2/15 and export. Then adjust your dates to 2/16 to 3/31 and export your again.

Policy expiration date range, county and class codes are the best criteria for dividing a large list into smaller ones.

What is the Export Package?

The Export Package adds additional information to the export file (e.g. contact name/title, email, # of Employees & Sales Volume). Click here to view a comparison example.

The Export Package was designed for agencies that want to use their own marketing software (CRM, drip campaigns, etc) for managing leads and tracking activity but need a source of prospecting data to ‘power’ it. For more information or to sign up for this enhancement please contact us at support@insurancexdate.com

The Export Package is not available for monthly subsctions.

What are Call Sheets?

Call Sheets are another way to export information. Call Sheets will produce a savable/printable PDF file for all businesses in your prospecting list. It is the same as printing an individual listing, but for all businesses in your list with one-click.

Note that it takes 3 seconds per business to process the Call Sheets (5 minutes per 100 businesses) and during the processing time you will not be able to access the site. We recommend limiting your list to a max of 200 businesses when using this feature.

Are there any restrictions of use?

Yes. Our subscription provides unlimited access however there are several restrictions, which are based on services you purchased and billing cycle. Here are a list of restrictions –

Online access – your prospecting list is capped at 2,000 businesses per search. There is no limit to how many businesses you view or searches you perform though. If there are more than 2,000 businesses in your list try adjusting your search criteria to refine.

Exporting – your list exports are capped at 1,000 businesses per export (4,000 with the Export Package) and are based on the services you purchased (if you do not have the Carrier Search feature the Carrier info will not export). If you are on the Monthly Billing cycle you are limited to exporting businesses 90 days in advance of the current date (for example, if it is 4/11 you can export as far as 7/10).

Do you have a User Guide?

Yes! Click Here to download a copy of the User Guide.

How accurate is your information?

Highly. There will be an inaccuracy if a business were to switch their WC coverage mid-term (reporting process). In this scenario the data (Xdate, Carrier of Record) will be corrected on the following update. Keep in mind we are not the source of this data, which is subject to incorrect reporting or processing.

Multiple sources are used to append and validate the Contact and Demographic information, but it is impossible to be 100% accurate when dealing with large data sets on an aggregate scale. So we’ve developed a proprietary method using 3rd party aggregators and in-house software to identify matching (accurate) information from multiple sources to populate our data base. A lot better than the traditional single-source method. We suggest viewing a couple of your current clients or well-known prospects during the trial to validate the accuracy of our information (exp. date, carrier, phone, etc).

Where do you get your information?

Workers Comp data is exactly as it is reported to the respective rating organization by the insured and/or carrier including Address, Xdate, Industry and Carrier of Record. Rate information including Loss Cost Multipliers (LCMs) and Loss Cost (LC) rates are updated as available from various rating organizations and/or Carriers.

We derive our Contact (Name/Title/Phone/Website) and Demographic (# of Employees, Sales Volume & Industry) data using a combination of 3rd party aggregators and proprietary software.

If I add Notes or other Contact information is it visible to others?

Any notes or contact information you add is not shared with anyone outside your account (Master + Agent Accounts). Our Master Account includes 2 Agent Accounts (Sub Users); any notes or contact information added will be visible by all users with the same Master Account (i.e. those within your agency). This helps prevent ‘bumping’ into one another while making sales calls.

Are your X dates only for Workers Comp?

The foundation of our database is WC policy expiration dates. It is said that on average 70% of employers’ renew their other lines of coverage (Property/GL, Auto, Umbrella) on the same day, though we are not aware of an industry study validating this figure. So while we do provide data specific to WC, we are designed and used by Commercial Agencies writing all lines of coverage.

How often do you update your information?

Workers Comp Expiration Dates and Carrier info update on a monthly to semi-annual basis. Contact and Demographic info updates annually. We do this to keep our information fresh and up to date whereas our competitors have not.

How many businesses have Contact Information?

Contact data varies by state, industry and even specific regions within a given state. It also varies by size and the # of years a business has existed because it takes time for this information to become available. Here are the overall averages:
Phone # - 84%
Contact Name – 71%
Website Link – 63%
Email Address – 22%

How much does your service cost?

My marketing guys say we can't tell you until you try the free trial. I know, I hate when sites do that too. But seriously, if we help you make one sale, or save you one hour per month, its worth it. Please, just give the free trial a shot, and then decide if it's worth it. We won't sell your info, and we won't hound you with calls (we don't even ask for your phone number).

Is there a contract or can I cancel at any time?

Our Subscriptions are for annual terms and automatically renew unless canceled. Please refer to our Terms of Service for a complete explanation - https://insurancexdate.com/tos.php

If I am on the Monthly Billing cycle can I freeze my account for a month?

You cannot freeze your billing.

How many agencies use your service?

None, you are the first.