What are Workers Comp Codes?

A Workers Compensation Class Code is a number that represents the type of work a business is engaged in. Base rates are applied to each class of business by a rating bureau (such as NCCI, PCRB, or NJCRIB) based on how risky the type of business is. Insurance companies use these rates as a base for their premium.

To lookup a Class Code, or find more information on a specific class code, select the state and type of class code you are interested in:

ArizonaSIC codesNCCI
ColoradoClass CodesSIC codesNCCI
ConnecticutClass CodesSIC codesNCCI
DelawareClass CodesSIC codesNot NCCI
FloridaClass CodesSIC codesNCCI
GeorgiaClass CodesNCCI
IllinoisClass CodesSIC codesNCCI
MarylandSIC codesNCCI
North CarolinaSIC codesNCCI
New JerseyClass CodesSIC codesNot NCCI
NevadaClass CodesSIC codesNCCI
New YorkSIC codesNCCI
OhioClass CodesNCCI
PennsylvaniaClass CodesSIC codesNot NCCI
South CarolinaClass CodesSIC codesNCCI
TennesseeSIC codesNCCI
TexasClass CodesSIC codesNCCI
All StatesNAICS