Pennsylvania Class Code Lookup

StateClass CodeRatingClass Description Run a Class Report!
PA00051165Tree Pruning
PA0006370Field Crop Vegetable Farms
PA0007439Farm Machinery Operation
PA0008360Mushroom Raising
PA00091822Logging, N.O.C.
PA0011253Flower Raising
PA0012465Landscape Contractor
PA0013312Gardeners, Nurserymen
PA0015990Logging - Mechanized
PA0028247Oil And Gas Production
PA0034319Animal Raising
PA0036300Dairy Farms
PA0050320Quarries, N.O.C.
PA0055378Sand Excavation
PA0059459Mineral Milling
PA00666Suppl. Loading For Class 447
PA00677Suppl. Loading For Class 445
PA0083340Livestock Farms
PA0101273Grain Milling
PA0103119Sugar Refining
PA0104327Food Sundries MFG., N.O.C
PA0106500Processed Meat Products MFG.
PA0107228Candy Or Chewing Gum MFG.
PA0109374Dairy Products MFG.
PA0110264Ice Cream MFG.
PA0111634Slaughter Houses - Wholesale
PA0112831Beverage MFG.
PA0113198Preserving Or Canning Of Food
PA0114551Rendering Works
PA0115209Tobacco Products MFG.
PA0119304Meat Products MFG.
PA0130465Textile Waste, MFG.
PA0132270Spinning Or Weaving
PA0134286Knit Goods MFG.
PA0135228Hosiery MFG.
PA0136248Embroidery Manufacture
PA0139375Dyeing, Mercerizing Or Finishing
PA0141409Laundries, N.O.C.
PA0142207Dry Cleaning Plants
PA015290Suppl. Loading For Class 615
PA0161166Apparel MFG.
PA016264Non-rateable Element Class 810
PA0163336Textile Products MFG., N.O.C
PA016464Fed Coal Mine Coverage Loading
PA0165526Mattress Or Box Spring MFG.
PA0166269Canvas Or Burlap Products MFG.
PA0170196Fur Bearing Animal Farm
PA017615Suppl. Loading For Class 513
PA0185577Temporary Food Sundries MFG. NOC
PA0187386Temporary - Candy Or Gum MFG.
PA0189335Temporary Preserving Or Canning
PA0191292Temporary - Apparel MFG. Staff
PA0204250Shoe MFG.
PA0205268Leather Goods MFG., N.O.C.
PA0221178Plastics MFG. Injection Molding
PA0222215Plastics MFG., N.O.C.
PA0225234Rubber Goods MFG.
PA0227292Oilcloth, MFG.
PA0255238Paper MFG.
PA0257232Box MFG. - Paper
PA0261246Corrugated Box Or Container MFG.
PA0263177Paper Coating/Finishing
PA0265233Stationary Products MFG.
PA0275304Temporary Injection Molding
PA0276378Temporary Plastic Articles MFG.
PA0282508Newspaper Publishing
PA0285205Printing - Sheet Fed Production
PA0291375Temporary Paper Or Pulp
PA0297358Temporary Printing Staff
PA0301506Saw Mills
PA0305366Carpentry Shop
PA0306340Wood Turned Products MFG.
PA0311244Cabinet Works
PA0319356Furniture Assembly
PA0323340Furniture MFG. - Wood
PA0327253Furniture Upholstering
PA0402340Smelting And Galvanizing
PA0403240Rolling, Drawing Non-Fer Metal
PA0404262Steel MFG.
PA0406309Rolling Mills, N.O.C.
PA0407283Tube MFG.
PA0411429Steel Fabricating
PA0413445Iron Work
PA0415291Fabricated Plate Work
PA0416152Car MFG.
PA0421557Steel Foundries
PA0425641Iron Foundries, N.O.C.
PA0427345Malleable Foundries
PA0429342Die Casting MFG.
PA0433276Tool MFG. Forged
PA0435332Spring MFG. Hot Wound
PA0441106Tool MFG., N.O.C.
PA0445198Hardware MFG., N.O.C.
PA0446114Precision Machine Parts MFG. NOC
PA0447387Non-Ferrous Metals Foundry
PA0451290Automobile,Truck Or Trailer Body
PA0454248Sheet Metal Products Fabrication
PA0456289Metal Furniture Or Finishing
PA0457274Wire Goods, MFG.
PA0458154Jewelry MFG.
PA045980Eyelet, MFG.
PA0461219Machine Shops
PA0463246Automobile MFG.
PA0465286Conveyor MFG.
PA0467362Ball Bearing MFG.
PA047191Printed Circuit Board Assembly
PA047293Electronic Component MFG. N.O.C.
PA0473224Electrical Apparatus MFG. N.O.C.
PA0474176Electric Power Equipment MFG.
PA0475164Battery MFG.
PA0476115Industrial Controls MFG./Assem
PA0477169Electric Motor MFG. Or Repair
PA0483137Office Machine MFG.
PA0485104Communications Equipment MFG.
PA0486121Light Bulb/Electronic Tube MFG.
PA048791Surgical Optical Instrument MFG.
PA048873Electronic Instrument MFG.
PA0489105Dental Laboratory
PA0491405Temporary Nonferrous Metals
PA0493337Temporary Hardware MFG. Staff
PA0495508Temporary Automobile Body MFG.
PA0497160Temporary Electronic Components
PA0499283Temporary Battery MFG. Staff
PA0501336Cement MFG.
PA0502300Plaster Statuary MFG.
PA0506155Powder Metal Products MFG.
PA0507196Graphfite Products MFG.
PA0511500Concrete Products MFG.
PA0512373Brick MFG., N.O.C.
PA0513277Potteries, N.O.C.
PA0514391Refractory Product MFG.
PA052029Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group A
PA052180Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group B
PA0522132Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group C
PA0523223Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group D
PA0524332Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group E
PA0525569Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group F
PA0526835Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group G
PA05271306Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group H
PA05281976Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group I
PA05293114Temp Staff NOC - Exposure Group J
PA0535231Glassware MFG., N.O.C.
PA0536496Glass Products MFG.
PA0551107Chemical MFG., N.O.C.
PA0553112Gases - MFG.
PA055538Drug And Medicine MFG.
PA0563118Paint MFG.
PA0571221Soap MFG
PA0573348Fertilizer MFG.
PA0581146Oil Refining
PA0587202Temporary Paint Or Colors MFG.
PA0601632Road Construction
PA0603575Sewer Construction
PA0605666Railroad Construction
PA0606515Oil And Gas Well Drilling
PA0608612Flat Cement Work
PA0611856Pile Driving
PA0615837Tunneling Or Shaft Sinking
PA0617278Gas Steam Or Water Main Const.
PA0645673Wallboard Installation
PA0646507Furniture Or Fixture Install
PA0647677Insulation Work --N.O.C.
PA0648609Cabinet Work Installation
PA0649351Ceiling Installation
PA0651624Carpentry- Commercial Structures
PA0652884Carpentry- Residential Structures
PA0654727Concrete Construction
PA06551114Iron Erection
PA0656536Electric Line Construction
PA0657753Rigging - N.O.C.
PA0658848Iron Erection Or Installation
PA0660235Alarm And Sound System
PA0661315Electrical Wiring In Buildings
PA0662503Appliance - Electrical - Serv/Rep
PA0664338Heating Or Ventilating
PA0666664Plate Glass Installation
PA0667176Paper Hanging
PA0668675Tile Stone Mosaic Or Terrazo Work
PA0670541House Furnishings Installation
PA0673522Advertising Signs MFG.
PA0674458Swimming Pool Construction
PA0675312Machinery Or Equipment Erection
PA0676430Sheet Metal Installation
PA0677304Boiler Installation Or Repair
PA0679746Advertising Companies, Outdoor
PA0681518Canvas Goods Erection
PA0691594Temporary - Excavation Staff
PA0693967Temporary - Commercial Carpentry
PA0695472Temporary - Electrical Wiring
PA0709163Tallymen And Checking Clerks
PA0716242Marina - State Coverage Only
PA0718251Boat Building Or Repair
PA0721824Railroad Operation, N.O.C.
PA074434Aircraft Manufacture
PA0751135Gas Works
PA075281Oil Or Gas Pipeline Operation
PA0755120Electric Utilities
PA0757136Telecommunications Company
PA0759553Cable Television Operations
PA077173Non-Ratable Element-Class 4771
PA0802449Mobile Crane Rental With Operator
PA08031274Taxicab Companies
PA0804340School Bus Operation
PA0805470Milk Hauling - By Contractor
PA0806861Furniture Moving And/Or Storage
PA0807471Ambulance Serv. Non-Volunteer
PA0808366Parcel Delivery Companies
PA0809530Fuel Distribution
PA0810377Coal Truckmen
PA0812624Mail Hauling Or Delivery Service
PA0813399Warehousing, Other Than Furniture
PA0814209Dealers In MBLE,Self-PRPLLD Equip
PA0815289Automobile Service Centers
PA0816207Automobile Filling Stations
PA0817494Bus Operation
PA0818117Automobile Dealers
PA0819121Automobile Salesperson
PA0820203Automobile Auction
PA0821503Beverage Distributors
PA0825330Automobile Storage Garages
PA0828609Paratransit Service
PA0855367Lumber And BLDG. Material Dealer
PA0857407Metal Service Center
PA0858552Ferrous Scrap Metal Dealer
PA0859585Nonferrous Scrap Metal Dealer
PA0860619Junk Dealer
PA0862579Recycling Center
PA0865391Poultry, Fish Dealers/Processors
PA0867690Temporary Warehousing Staff
PA0877260Temporary Department Store
PA0879375Temporary Packaging Non-Crating
PA0880469Apartment House
PA0881396Temporary Hardware Store
PA0882491House Cleaning
PA0883305Temporary Retail Store, N.O.C
PA0884101Health Or Excercise Club
PA0885248Plumbing Supply Dealer
PA0886174Electrical Supply Dealer
PA0888355No Description
PA088925Temporary Clerical Staff
PA089041Library - Public
PA089199Child Care Or Early Education
PA089271Early Intervention
PA089364Intermediate Unit
PA0894155School For Disturbed Children
PA089590Temporary College Or School
PA0896129Club, N.O.C.
PA0897145Fast Food Restaurant
PA0899116Bar, Nightclub
PA09012201Religious Orders *Per Cap
PA090299Religious Orders-Occasional PCAP
PA090324Labor Union
PA0904116Investigative Agency
PA0907359Fruit, Vegetable Dealer Wholesale
PA090817981Inservants-Occasional *Per Cap
PA09096096Outservants-Occasional *Per Cap
PA0910428Meat Dealer - Wholesale
PA0911556Grocery - Wholesale
PA091233911Outservants *Per Cap
PA091338010Inservants *Per Cap
PA0914144Department Stores
PA0915194Meat, Fish,Poultry Stores -Retail
PA0916139Clothing Or Dry Goods Store
PA0917181Grocery Stores
PA0918188Bakery Shop
PA0919170Florist Store
PA092035Jewelry Stores
PA0921450Furniture Store - Wholesale
PA0922295Furniture Store - Retail
PA0923221Packaging, Contract, Non-Crating
PA0924309Wholesale Stores, N.O.C.
PA0925162Hardware Stores - Retail
PA0926235Hardware Stores - Wholesale
PA0928168Retail Stores, N.O.C.
PA093279Copying Or Duplicating Service
PA0933331Vending & Coin Operated Mach
PA0934286Auto Parts And Accessory Store
PA0935104BLDG Material Store Employees
PA093648Broadcasting Station
PA0939447Carnival - Traveling
PA0940422Residential - Dev. Disabled
PA0941211Social Rehabilitation Facility
PA0942260Home Health-Professional Staff
PA0943300Home Health-Nonprofessional Staff
PA0944154Club Country, Golf OR Yachting
PA0945209Hotel Restaurant
PA0946280Temporary Medical Service
PA0948171Mailing Or Addressing Company
PA094932Temporary Marketing Staff
PA095128Salesperson - Outside
PA095267Office Machine Service Or Repair
PA0954198Security & Investigative Agencies
PA095521Engineering Consulting Firm
PA09569Law Firm
PA095738Physicians Or Dentists
PA0958104Rehabilitation Hospitals
PA0960221Nursing Homes - Skilled
PA09623Accountant Or Auditor
PA0964172Sheltered Work Shops
PA096550Colleges Or School, N.O.C.
PA0966271TV, Audio/Video Equipment Repair
PA096899Amusements, Indoor
PA0969206Amusement - Outdoor
PA0970357Athletic Team-Semi.Prof.& Prof
PA0972156Attendant Care Services
PA0973268Hotels - All Other Employees
PA0974186Retirement /Life Care Community
PA0975128Restaurants, N.O.C.
PA0976110Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A.
PA097746Barber Shops
PA0978233Camps, Summer Or Winter, N.O.C
PA0979276Residential Elderly Non-Medical
PA0980477Cities, Towns
PA0981141Machine Gambling
PA0982284Workfare Program Employees
PA0983586Housing Authority
PA098413Insurance Company
PA0985352Police And Salaried Firemen
PA0986126Shelter Or Halfway House
PA098767Check Cashing Services
PA0991309Athletic Team: Non-Contact
PA0992530Sanitary Company
PA099374623Volunteer Ambulance Corps *Per Co
PA0995519Rubbish Or Garbage Removal
PA099674623Volun Haz Mat Response *Per Team
PA4771291Explosives Or Ammunition MFG,NOC
PA4777540Explosives Distributing
PA6824993Boat Building Or Repair
PA68431317Ship Building Iron Or Steel
PA68723002Ship Repair Or Convrsn-All Oper.
PA73095111Stevedoring, N.O.C.
PA73131075Coal Dock Oper. And Stevedoring
PA73172720Stevdrng-By Hand Or HND TRK EXCLV
PA73272191Stevedoring-Containerized Freight
PA73661087Freight Handlers
PA7405151Aircraft Operation, Scheduled
PA741347Aircraft Operation Commuter
PA742157Aircraft Operation Business
PA7424134Aircraft Operation ,N.O.C.
PA7428337Aircraft Operation - Ground
PA744532Non-Rateable Element - Class 7405
PA745310Non-Rateable Element - Class 7413
PA8709561Stevdrng-Talymn & Checking Clerks
PA8726318Steamship Line Or Agency-Port Emp
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