South Carolina Class Code & Rate Lookup

StateClass CodeClass Description
SC 0005 Farm--Nursery Employees & Drivers
SC 0008 Farm--Vegetable & Drivers
SC 0016 Farm--Orchard or Grove & Drivers
SC 0034 Farm--Poultry or Egg Producer & Drivers
SC 0035 Farm--Florist & Drivers
SC 0036 Farm--Dairy & Drivers
SC 0037 Farm--NOC & Drivers
SC 0042 Landscape Gardening & Drivers.
SC 0050 Farm Machinery Operation--By Contractor & Drivers
SC 0079 Farm--Berry or Vineyard & Drivers
SC 0083 Farm--Cattle or Livestock Raising NOC & Drivers
SC 0106 Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing--All Operations & Drivers
SC 0113 Farm--Fish Hatchery & Drivers
SC 0170 Farm--Animal Raising & Drivers.
SC 0251 Irrigation Works Operation & Drivers.
SC 0401 Cotton Gin Operation & Local Managers, Drivers
SC 0908 Domestic Workers--Residences--Part-Time
SC 0913 Domestic Workers--Residences--Full-Time
SC 0917 Residential Cleaning Services by Contractor--Inside
SC 1005 Coal Mining--Surface & Drivers
SC 1164 Mining NOC--Not Coal--Underground & Drivers
SC 1165 Mining NOC--Not Coal--Surface & Drivers
SC 1169 Kaolin Mining--Surface & Drivers
SC 1320 Gas or Oil--Lease Operator--Natural Gas--All Operations & Drivers
SC 1322 Oil or Gas--Well--Cleaning or Swabbing of Wells--By Specialist Contractor--No Drilling & Drivers
SC 1430 Smelting, Sintering, or Refining--Lead & Drivers
SC 1438 Smelting, Sintering, or Refining--Metals--Not Iron or Lead NOC & Drivers
SC 1452 Ore Milling & Drivers
SC 1463 Coal Billet or Briquet Mfg. & Drivers
SC 1472 Distillation--Wood & Drivers.
SC 1624 Quarry NOC & Drivers
SC 1642 Lime Mfg.
SC 1654 Quarry--Cement Rock--Surface & Drivers
SC 1699 Rock Wool Mfg.
SC 1701 Cement Mfg.
SC 1710 Stone Crushing & Drivers.
SC 1741 Flint or Spar Grinding & Drivers.
SC 1747 Clay Milling & Drivers.
SC 1748 Abrasive Wheel Mfg. & Drivers
SC 1751 Kaolin Milling & Drivers
SC 1803 Stonecutting or Polishing NOC & Drivers.
SC 1860 Abrasive Paper or Cloth Preparation
SC 1924 Wire Drawing or Cable Mfg.
SC 1925 Die Casting Mfg.
SC 2002 Pasta or Noodle Mfg.
SC 2003 Bakery--Salespersons & Drivers
SC 2014 Grain or Feed Milling
SC 2016 Cereal or Bar Mfg.
SC 2021 Sugar Manufacturing or Refining From Sugar Cane or Sugar Beets
SC 2039 Ice-Cream Mfg. & Drivers
SC 2041 Candy, Chocolate, and Confection Mfg.
SC 2065 Milk Products Mfg. NOC
SC 2070 Dairy or Creamery & Route Supervisors, Drivers.
SC 2081 Slaughtering.
SC 2089 Packing House--All Operations.
SC 2095 Meat Products Mfg. NOC.
SC 2105 Fruit Packing
SC 2110 Pickle Mfg.
SC 2111 Cannery NOC.
SC 2112 Fruit Evaporating or Preserving
SC 2114 Clam Digging.
SC 2121 Brewery & Drivers.
SC 2130 Distillery--Spirituous Liquor.
SC 2131 Spirituous Liquor Bottling
SC 2143 Winery & Drivers
SC 2157 Beverage Mfg.--Carbonated--All Operations, Route Supervisors, & Drivers
SC 2172 Tobacco Products Mfg. NOC
SC 2174 Tobacco--Rehandling or Warehousing
SC 2211 Wool Combing or Scouring
SC 2220 Carpet or Rug Mfg.--Jute or Hemp
SC 2260 Wool Combing or Scouring
SC 2286 Yarn Mfg.--Wool.
SC 2288 Felting Mfg.
SC 2302 Thread or Yarn Mfg.--Silk
SC 2305 Textile Fiber Mfg.--Synthetic
SC 2361 Hosiery Mfg.
SC 2362 Knit Goods Mfg. NOC.
SC 2380 Braid or Fringe Mfg.
SC 2388 Embroidery Mfg.
SC 2402 Rug or Carpet Mfg. NOC
SC 2413 Cloth Printing--Silk Screen Process--Machinery Operations
SC 2416 Thread or Yarn Dyeing or Finishing
SC 2417 Cloth Printing
SC 2501 Umbrella Mfg.
SC 2503 Tailoring or Dressmaking--Custom Exclusively.
SC 2534 Hair Goods Mfg.
SC 2570 Mattress or Box Spring Mfg.
SC 2585 Laundry NOC & Route Supervisors, Drivers
SC 2586 Cleaning or Dyeing & Route Supervisors, Drivers.
SC 2587 Toilet or Towel Supply Co. & Route Supervisors, Drivers
SC 2589 Dry Cleaning and Laundry Store--Retail & Route Supervisors, Drivers.
SC 2600 Fur Processing--Preparing Skins
SC 2623 Leather Mfg.--Including Tanning, Leather Embossing, and Wool Pulling
SC 2651 Shoe Stock Mfg.
SC 2660 Shoe or Boot Mfg. NOC
SC 2670 Glove Mfg.--Leather or Textile.
SC 2683 Luggage Mfg.
SC 2688 Leather Goods Mfg. NOC
SC 2701 Logging or Tree Removal--Log Hauling & Drivers
SC 2702 Logging or Lumbering & Drivers
SC 2709 Logging or Tree Removal--Mechanized Equipment Operators
SC 2710 Sawmill.
SC 2714 Veneer Mfg.
SC 2731 Planing or Molding Mill.
SC 2735 Furniture Stock Mfg.
SC 2759 Pallet, Box or Box Shook Mfg.--Wooden
SC 2790 Wood Carving--By Hand or Machine
SC 2797 Manufactured, Modular, or Prefabricated Home Manufacturing--Shop Work--All Operations & Drivers
SC 2799 Manufactured, Modular, or Prefabricated Home Setup, Hookup, or Installation at Building Site
SC 2802 Carpentry--Shop Only & Drivers
SC 2835 Brush or Broom Assembly
SC 2836 Brush or Broom Mfg. NOC
SC 2841 Wood Turned Products Mfg. NOC
SC 2881 Furniture Manufacturing and Cabinet Shop--Assembly by Hand--Wood
SC 2883 Furniture Manufacturing and Cabinet Shop--Wood--NOC
SC 2915 Veneer Products Mfg.
SC 2916 Veneer Products Mfg.
SC 2923 Musical Instrument Mfg.--Wood NOC
SC 2960 Wood Preserving & Drivers
SC 3004 Iron or Steel--Manufacturing--Steelmaking & Drivers.
SC 3018 Iron or Steel--Manufacturing--Rolling Mill & Drivers.
SC 3022 Pipe or Tube Mfg. NOC & Drivers
SC 3027 Pipe or Tube Mfg.--Lead & Drivers
SC 3028 Pipe or Tube Mfg.--Iron or Steel & Drivers
SC 3030 Iron or Steel--Fabrication--Ironworks or Steelworks--Shop--Structural & Drivers.
SC 3040 Iron or Steel--Fabrication--Ironworks--Shop--Ornamental & Drivers.
SC 3041 Iron or Steel--Fabrication--Ironworks--Shop--Decorative or Artistic & Foundries, Drivers.
SC 3042 Elevator or Escalator Mfg.
SC 3064 Sign Manufacturing--Metal
SC 3076 Soda Water Fountain or Apparatus Mfg.
SC 3081 Foundry--Ferrous--NOC
SC 3082 Foundry--Steel Castings
SC 3085 Foundry--Nonferrous
SC 3110 Tool Mfg.--Drop or Machine Forged NOC--Forging Includes Trimming
SC 3111 Pipe Bending and Cutting
SC 3113 Tool Mfg.--Not Drop or Machine Forged NOC
SC 3114 Tool Mfg.--Drop or Machine Forged NOC--Machining or Finishing of Tools or Die Making Operations
SC 3118 Saw Mfg.
SC 3119 Needle Mfg.
SC 3122 Cutlery Mfg. NOC
SC 3126 Tool Mfg.--Agricultural, Construction, Logging, Mining, Oil, or Artesian Well
SC 3131 Button or Fastener Mfg.--Metal
SC 3132 Bolt or Nut Mfg.
SC 3145 Screw Mfg.
SC 3146 Hardware Mfg. NOC
SC 3169 Heater or Radiator Mfg.
SC 3179 Electrical Apparatus Mfg. NOC
SC 3180 Lamp or Portable Lantern Mfg.
SC 3188 Plumbers' Supplies Mfg. NOC
SC 3220 Can Mfg.
SC 3223 Lamp or Portable Lantern Mfg.
SC 3224 Enamel or Agate Ware Mfg.
SC 3227 Aluminum Ware Mfg.
SC 3240 Wire Rope or Cable Mfg.--Iron or Steel
SC 3241 Wire Drawing--Iron or Steel
SC 3255 Wire Cloth Mfg.
SC 3257 Wire Goods Mfg. NOC
SC 3270 Eyelet Mfg.
SC 3300 Bedspring or Wire Mattress Mfg.
SC 3303 Spring Mfg.
SC 3307 Heat Treating--Metal.
SC 3315 Explosives or Ammunition Mfg.--Cartridge or Shell Case Mfg.--Metal
SC 3334 Tinfoil Mfg.
SC 3336 Castings Mfg.--Metal--Lost Wax Process
SC 3365 Welding or Cutting NOC & Drivers
SC 3372 Metal Finishing
SC 3373 Galvanizing or Tinning--Not Electrolytic.
SC 3383 Jewelry Mfg.
SC 3385 Clock Mfg.
SC 3400 Metal Stamped Goods Mfg. NOC
SC 3507 Construction or Agricultural Machinery Mfg.
SC 3515 Textile--Machinery Mfg.
SC 3516 Loom Harness or Reed Mfg
SC 3548 Arms Mfg. NOC
SC 3559 Machine Mfg.--Confection
SC 3574 Air Pressure or Steam Gauge Mfg.
SC 3581 Fuel Injection Device Mfg.
SC 3612 Pump Mfg.
SC 3620 Boilermaking
SC 3629 Machined Parts Mfg. NOC
SC 3632 Machine Shop NOC
SC 3634 Valve Mfg.
SC 3635 Gear Mfg. or Grinding.
SC 3638 Ball or Roller Bearing Mfg.
SC 3642 Battery Mfg.--Dry
SC 3643 Electric Power or Transmission Equipment Mfg.
SC 3647 Battery Mfg.--Storage
SC 3648 Automotive--Lighting, Ignition, or Starting Apparatus Mfg. NOC
SC 3681 Television, Radio, Telephone, or Telecommunication Device Mfg. NOC
SC 3685 Instrument Mfg. NOC.
SC 3719 Oil Still Erection or Repair
SC 3724 Door--Installation--Overhead & Drivers
SC 3726 Boiler--Installation or Repair--Steam
SC 3803 Automobile--Wheel Mfg.--Metal--Not Cast
SC 3807 Automobile--Radiator Mfg.
SC 3808 Automobile--Mfg. or Assembly
SC 3821 Automobile--Recycling & Drivers
SC 3822 Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg.--Die Pressed Steel
SC 3824 Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg. NOC
SC 3826 Aircraft Engine Mfg.
SC 3827 Automobile--Engine Mfg.
SC 3830 Airplane Mfg.
SC 3851 Motorcycle Mfg. or Assembly
SC 3865 Bicycles--Mfg. or Assembly
SC 3881 Car Mfg.--Railroad & Drivers
SC 4000 Sand or Gravel Digging & Drivers.
SC 4021 Brick or Clay Products Mfg. NOC & Drivers.
SC 4024 Brick Mfg.--Fire or Enameled & Drivers.
SC 4034 Concrete Products Mfg. & Drivers
SC 4036 Plasterboard or Plaster Block Mfg. & Drivers.
SC 4038 Dress Form Mfg.
SC 4053 Pottery Mfg.--China or Tableware
SC 4062 Pottery Mfg.--Earthenware--Glazed or Porcelain--Hand Molded or Cast
SC 4101 Glass Mfg. & Drivers
SC 4109 Integrated Circuit Mfg.
SC 4110 Electric Bulb Mfg.
SC 4111 Glassware Mfg.--No Automatic Blowing Machines
SC 4114 Glassware Mfg. NOC
SC 4130 Glass Merchant
SC 4131 Mirror Mfg.
SC 4133 Glass Window Mfg.--Stained
SC 4149 Optical Goods Mfg. NOC
SC 4206 Pulp Mfg.--Ground Wood Process
SC 4207 Pulp Mfg.--Chemical Process
SC 4239 Paper Mfg.
SC 4240 Box Mfg.--Set-Up Paper
SC 4243 Box Mfg.--Folding Paper--NOC
SC 4244 Corrugated or Fiberboard Container Mfg.
SC 4250 Paper Corrugating or Laminating
SC 4251 Stationery Mfg.
SC 4263 Fiber Goods Mfg.
SC 4273 Plastic or Paper Bag Mfg.
SC 4279 Paper Goods Mfg. NOC
SC 4282 Boot or Shoe Pattern Mfg.
SC 4283 Roofing--Paper or Roofing Felt Mfg.
SC 4299 Printing.
SC 4304 Newspaper Publishing.
SC 4307 Bookbinding
SC 4351 Photoengraving
SC 4352 Engraving
SC 4360 Motion Picture--Development of Negatives, Printing, and All Subsequent Operations
SC 4361 Photographer--All Employees and Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers.
SC 4410 Boot or Shoe Mfg.--Rubber
SC 4420 Rubber Tire Mfg.
SC 4431 Magnetic and Optical Recording Media Mfg.
SC 4432 Pen Mfg.
SC 4452 Plastics Mfg.--Fabricated Products NOC
SC 4459 Plastics Mfg.--Sheets, Rods, or Tubes
SC 4470 Cable Mfg.--Insulated Electrical.
SC 4484 Plastics Mfg.--Laminated Molded Products NOC
SC 4493 Linoleum Mfg.
SC 4511 Analytical Laboratories or Assaying--Including Laboratory, Outside Employees, Collectors of Samples, & Drivers
SC 4557 Wax Products Mfg.
SC 4558 Paint Mfg.
SC 4568 Salt, Borax, or Potash Producing or Refining & Drivers.
SC 4581 Phosphate Works & Drivers.
SC 4583 Fertilizer Mfg. & Drivers
SC 4611 Cosmetics Mfg.
SC 4635 Hydrogen or Oxygen Mfg. & Drivers.
SC 4653 Glue Mfg. & Drivers.
SC 4665 Rendering Works NOC & Drivers.
SC 4670 Cottonseed Oil Mfg.--Mechanical & Drivers
SC 4683 Oil Mfg.--Vegetable NOC
SC 4686 Oil Mfg.--Vegetable--Solvent Extraction Process
SC 4692 Dental Laboratory
SC 4693 Pharmaceutical or Surgical Goods Mfg. NOC
SC 4703 Corn Products Mfg.
SC 4717 Butter Substitute Mfg.
SC 4720 Soap or Synthetic Detergent Mfg.
SC 4740 Oil Refining--Petroleum & Drivers.
SC 4741 Asphalt or Tar Distilling or Refining & Drivers.
SC 4751 Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
SC 4771 Explosives or Ammunition Mfg. NOC & Drivers
SC 4777 Explosives Distributors & Drivers.
SC 4825 Extract Mfg.
SC 4828 Chemical Blending or Mixing NOC--All Operations & Drivers.
SC 4829 Chemical Mfg. NOC--All Operations & Drivers--Includes Blending or Mixing.
SC 4902 Sporting Goods Mfg. NOC
SC 4923 Photographic Supplies Mfg.
SC 5020 Ceiling Installation--Suspended Acoustical Grid Type.
SC 5022 Masonry NOC
SC 5037 Painting--Metal Structures--Over Two Stories in Height & Drivers
SC 5040 Iron or Steel--Erection--Iron--Exterior.
SC 5057 Iron or Steel--Erection--NOC
SC 5059 Military Reservation--Construction--Iron or Steel Erection--Not Over Two Stories in Height
SC 5069 Military Reservation--Construction--Iron or Steel Erection--Not Over Two Stories in Height
SC 5102 Door and Window Installation--All Types--Residential and Commercial
SC 5146 Fixtures or Furniture Installation--Portable--NOC.
SC 5160 Elevator--Erection or Repair
SC 5183 Plumbing NOC & Drivers.
SC 5188 Sprinkler Installation & Drivers
SC 5190 Electrical Wiring--Within Buildings & Drivers.
SC 5191 Office Machine Installation, Inspection, Adjustment, or Repair.
SC 5192 Vending or Coin Operated Machines--Installation, Service, or Repair & Salespersons, Drivers.
SC 5213 Dam or Lock Construction--Concrete Work--All Operations
SC 5215 Concrete Work--Incidental to the Construction of Private Residence
SC 5221 Concrete or Cement Work--Floors, Driveways, Yards, or Sidewalks & Drivers
SC 5222 Concrete Construction in Connection With Bridges or Culverts
SC 5223 Swimming Pool--Construction--Not Iron or Steel & Drivers
SC 5348 Ceramic Tile, Indoor Stone, Marble, or Mosaic Work
SC 5402 Greenhouse Erection--All Operations
SC 5403 Carpentry--NOC
SC 5437 Carpentry--Installation of Cabinet Work or Interior Trim
SC 5443 Lathing & Drivers.
SC 5445 Wallboard, Sheetrock, Drywall, Plasterboard, or Cement Board Installation--Within Buildings & Drivers
SC 5462 Glazier--Away From Shop & Drivers
SC 5472 Asbestos Removal Operations--Contractor--Pipe and Boiler Work Exclusively & Drivers
SC 5473 Asbestos Removal Operations--Contractor--NOC & Drivers
SC 5474 Painting NOC & Shop Operations, Drivers
SC 5478 Floor Covering Installation--Resilient Flooring--Carpet and Laminate Flooring
SC 5479 Insulation Work NOC & Drivers
SC 5480 Plastering NOC & Drivers
SC 5491 Paperhanging & Drivers
SC 5506 Street or Road Construction--Paving or Repaving & Drivers
SC 5507 Street or Road Construction--Subsurface Work & Drivers
SC 5508 Street or Road Construction--Rock Excavation & Drivers
SC 5535 Sheet Metal Work--Installation & Drivers
SC 5537 Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems--Installation, Service and Repair, Shop, Yard & Drivers
SC 5551 Roofing--All Kinds & Drivers
SC 5606 Contractor--Project Manager, Construction Executive, Construction Manager or Construction Superintendent
SC 5610 Cleaner--Debris Removal--Construction
SC 5613 Cleaner--Debris Removal--Temporary Labor Service
SC 5645 Carpentry--Construction of Residential Dwellings Not Exceeding Three Stories in Height
SC 5651 Carpentry--Construction of Dwellings--Three Stories or Less.
SC 5703 Building Raising or Moving
SC 5705 Salvage Operation No Wrecking or Any Structural Operations.
SC 5951 Antitoxin, Serum, or Virus Mfg. & Drivers
SC 6003 Pile Driving
SC 6005 Jetty or Breakwater Construction--All Operations to Completion & Drivers
SC 6018 Dam or Lock Construction--Earth Moving or Placing--All Operations & Drivers
SC 6045 Levee Construction--All Operations to Completion & Drivers
SC 6204 Well Drilling--Water & Drivers
SC 6206 Oil or Gas--Well--Cementing & Drivers
SC 6213 Oil or Gas--Well--Specialty Tool & Equipment Leasing NOC--All Employees & Drivers
SC 6214 Oil or Gas--Well--Perforating of Casing--All Employees & Drivers
SC 6216 Gas or Oil--Lease Work NOC--Natural Gas--By Specialist Contractor & Drivers
SC 6217 Excavation & Drivers.
SC 6229 Irrigation or Drainage System Construction & Drivers.
SC 6233 Oil or Gas--Pipeline Construction & Drivers
SC 6235 Drilling or Redrilling of Oil or Gas Wells & Installation of Casing, Drivers
SC 6236 Oil or Gas--Well--Installation or Recovery of Casing & Drivers
SC 6237 Oil or Gas--Well--Instrument Logging or Survey Work & Drivers
SC 6251 Tunneling--All Operations
SC 6252 Shaft Sinking--All Operations.
SC 6306 Sewer Construction--All Operations & Drivers
SC 6319 Steam Mains or Connections Construction & Drivers
SC 6325 Conduit Construction--For Cables or Wires & Drivers
SC 6400 Fence Installation and Repair--Metal, Vinyl, Wood, or Prefabricated Concrete Panel Fence Installed by Hand
SC 6503 Potato Chip, Popcorn & Snack Chip Mfg. NOC
SC 6504 Food Products Mfg. NOC
SC 6702 Railroad Construction--All Operations Including Clerical, Salespersons & Drivers--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)--Program I
SC 6703 Railroad Construction--All Operations Including Clerical, Salespersons & Drivers--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)--Program II--USL&HW Act Benefits
SC 6704 Railroad Construction--All Operations Including Clerical, Salespersons & Drivers--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)--Program II--State Act Benefits
SC 6801 Boatbuilding--Wood NOC & Drivers--Coverage Under U.S. Act
SC 6811 Boatbuilding--Wood NOC & Drivers--Coverage Under State Act Only
SC 6824 Boat Building or Repair NOC & Drivers
SC 6826 Marina & Drivers--Coverage Under U.S. Act
SC 6834 Boatbuilding or Repair & Drivers.
SC 6836 Marina & Drivers--Coverage Under State Act Only
SC 6843 Shipbuilding--Iron or Steel NOC & Drivers--Coverage Under U.S. Act Only
SC 6845 Shipbuilding--Naval & Drivers.
SC 6854 Shipbuilding--Iron or Steel NOC & Drivers--Coverage Under State Act Only
SC 6872 Ship Cleaning--All Operations & Drivers
SC 6874 Ship Scaling: Coverage under U.S. Act
SC 6882 Ship Repair Conversion--All Operations & Drivers. Coverage under State Act only
SC 6884 Ship Scaling: Coverage under State Act only
SC 7016 Vessels NOC--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program I
SC 7024 Vessels NOC--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program II--State Act Benefits
SC 7038 Yachts--Private--Sail or Power--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program I
SC 7046 Vessels--Not Self-Propelled--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program I
SC 7047 Vessels NOC--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program II--USL&HW Act Benefits
SC 7050 Yachts--Private--Sail or Power--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program II--USL&HW Act Benefits
SC 7090 Yachts--Private--Sail or Power--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program II--State Act Benefits
SC 7098 Vessels--Not Self-Propelled--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program II--State Act Benefits
SC 7099 Vessels--Not Self-Propelled--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program II--USL&HW Act Benefits
SC 7133 Railroad Operation NOC--All Employees & Drivers
SC 7151 Railroad Operation--All Employees Including Drivers--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)--Program I
SC 7152 Railroad Operation--All Employees Including Drivers--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)--Program II--USL&HW Act Benefits
SC 7153 Railroad Operation--All Employees Including Drivers--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)--Program II--State Act Benefits
SC 7219 Trucking NOC--All Employees & Drivers
SC 7222 Trucking Oil Field Equipment--All Employees & Drivers
SC 7225 Automobile Towing & Drivers
SC 7228 Trucking: Local Hauling Only--All Employees and Drivers
SC 7229 Trucking: Long Distance Hauling--All Employees and Drivers
SC 7230 Trucking Parcel or Package Delivery--All Employees & Drivers.
SC 7231 Mail, Parcel, or Package Delivery and Courier or Messenger Service Companies--All Employees & Drivers
SC 7232 Trucking Mail, Parcel, or Package Delivery--Under Contract With the U.S. Postal Service--All Employees & Drivers.
SC 7309 Stevedoring--NOC
SC 7313 Coal Dock Operation & Stevedoring
SC 7317 Automobile--Haulaway or Driveaway--Driving Autos On or Off Vessels & Drivers
SC 7327 Stevedoring--Containerized Freight & Drivers
SC 7333 Dredging--All Types--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program I
SC 7335 Dredging--All Types--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program II--State Act Benefits
SC 7337 Dredging--All Types--Coverage Under Admiralty Law--Program II--USL&HW Act Benefits
SC 7350 Freight Handling NOC--Coverage Under U.S. Act
SC 7360 Freight Handling NOC--Coverage Under State Act Only
SC 7370 Taxicab Co.--All Other Employees and Drivers
SC 7380 Drivers, Chauffeurs, Messengers, and Their Helpers NOC--Commercial
SC 7382 Limousine Co.--All Other Employees and Drivers--Scheduled
SC 7390 Ale or Beer Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers.
SC 7394 Salvage Operation Operations--Marine: Coverage Under Admiralty Law: Program I
SC 7395 Salvage Operation Operations--Marine: Coverage Under Admiralty Law: Program II--State Act Benefits
SC 7398 Salvage Operation Operations--Marine: Coverage Under Admiralty Law: Program II--USL&HW Act Benefits
SC 7402 Aviation--Air Traffic Controllers Under Contract With the FAA
SC 7403 Aviation--All Other Employees & Drivers
SC 7405 Aviation--Air Carrier--Scheduled, Commuter, or Supplemental--Flying Crew
SC 7420 Aviation--Aerial Application, Seeding, Herding, or Scintillometer Surveying--Flying Crew
SC 7421 Aviation--Transportation of Personnel in Conduct of Employer's Business--Flying Crew
SC 7422 Aviation--NOC--Other Than Helicopters--Flying Crew
SC 7423 Aircraft Servicing or Repair & Drivers
SC 7425 Aviation--Helicopters--Flying Crew
SC 7431 Aviation--Air Charter or Air Taxi--Flying Crew
SC 7502 Gas Distributing--Liquefied Petroleum Gas--Local & Drivers
SC 7515 Oil or Gas--Pipeline Operation & Drivers
SC 7520 Waterworks Operation & Drivers.
SC 7538 Electric Light or Power Line Construction & Drivers
SC 7539 Electric Light or Power Co. NOC--All Employees & Drivers
SC 7540 Electric Light or Power Cooperative--REA Project Only--All Employees & Drivers
SC 7580 Sewage Disposal Plant Operation & Drivers
SC 7590 Garbage Works
SC 7600 Telecommunications Co.--Cable TV, or Satellite--All Other Employees & Drivers
SC 7601 Telephone, Telegraph or Fire Alarm Line Construction & Drivers.
SC 7605 Burglar and Fire Alarm Installation or Repair & Drivers
SC 7610 Television or Radio Broadcasting Station--All Employees & Clerical, Drivers.
SC 7611 Telephone or Cable TV Line Installation--Contractors, Underground & Drivers
SC 7612 Telephone or Cable TV Line Installation--Contractors, Overhead & Drivers
SC 7613 Telephone or Cable TV Line Installation--Contractors, Service Lines and Connections & Drivers
SC 7705 Ambulance Service Companies and EMS (Emergency Medical Service) Providers & Drivers
SC 7710 Firefighters & Drivers
SC 7711 Firefighters & Drivers--Volunteer
SC 7720 Police Officers & Drivers
SC 7855 Railroad Construction--Laying or Relaying of Tracks or Maintenance of Way by Contractor--No Work on Elevated Railroads & Drivers
SC 8001 Florist--Store & Drivers
SC 8002 Automobile--Rental Co.--All Other Employees & Counter Personnel, Drivers
SC 8006 Grocery, Tea or Coffee Dealer--Retail.
SC 8008 Store--Clothing, Wearing Apparel, or Dry Goods--Retail
SC 8010 Store--Hardware.
SC 8013 Store--Jewelry.
SC 8015 Quick Printing--Copying or Duplicating Service--All Employees and Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers.
SC 8017 Store--Retail NOC
SC 8018 Store--Wholesale--NOC
SC 8021 Store--Meat, Fish or Poultry Dealer--Wholesale.
SC 8031 Store--Meat, Fish or Poultry--Retail
SC 8032 Store--Dry Goods--Wholesale
SC 8033 Store--Supermarket.
SC 8037 Store--Superstores and Warehouse Clubs
SC 8039 Store--Department--Retail.
SC 8044 Store--Furniture & Drivers.
SC 8045 Store--Drug--Retail.
SC 8046 Automobile--Parts and Accessories NOC & Drivers
SC 8047 Store--Drug--Wholesale
SC 8058 Building Material Dealer--New Materials Only--Store Employees
SC 8072 Store--Book, Record, Compact Disc, Software, Video or Audio Cassette--Retail.
SC 8102 Bean Sorting or Handling
SC 8103 Cotton Merchant
SC 8106 Iron or Steel--Merchant & Drivers.
SC 8107 Contractors Machinery Dealer & Drivers
SC 8111 Plumbers' Supplies Dealer & Drivers
SC 8116 Farm Machinery Dealer--All Operations & Drivers
SC 8203 Ice Mfg. or Distribution & Drivers
SC 8204 Building Material--Yard & Local Managers, Drivers
SC 8209 Vegetable Packing & Drivers.
SC 8215 Feed, Fertilizer, Hay, or Grain Dealer & Local Managers, Drivers--No Mfg.
SC 8227 Construction or Erection Permanent Yard
SC 8232 Building Material Dealer--New Materials Only--All Other Employees & Yard, Warehouse, Drivers
SC 8233 Coal Merchant & Local Managers, Drivers
SC 8235 Sash, Door, or Assembled Millwork--Dealer & Drivers
SC 8263 Junk Dealer & Drivers
SC 8264 Container Recycling--Bottle or Can & Drivers
SC 8265 Iron or Steel--Scrap Dealer & Drivers.
SC 8279 Racetrack Operation--Horse or Dog--Stable Hands or Kennel Employees & Drivers
SC 8288 Livestock Sales Co. & Salespersons, Drivers
SC 8291 Warehousing--Cold Storage
SC 8292 Warehousing NOC
SC 8293 Warehousing--Furniture & Drivers
SC 8304 Grain Elevator Operation & Local Managers, Drivers.
SC 8350 Gas Dealer--Liquefied Petroleum Gas & Drivers
SC 8380 Gasoline Station NOC--Retail and Drivers
SC 8381 Gasoline Station--Self-Service Only--Retail
SC 8385 Automobile--Rental Co.--Garage Employees
SC 8392 Automobile Storage Garage, Parking Lot or Parking Station, Valet Service, Cashiers or Counter Personnel & Drivers
SC 8393 Automobile--Body Repair and Drivers
SC 8500 Metal Scrap Dealer & Drivers
SC 8601 Architectural or Engineering Firm--Including Salespersons & Drivers
SC 8602 Surveyors, Timber Cruisers, Oil or Gas Geologists or Scouts, & Drivers
SC 8603 Architectural or Engineering Firm--Clerical
SC 8606 Geophysical Exploration--All Employees & Drivers
SC 8709 Steamship Line or Agency--Port Employees--Talliers, Checking Clerks, and Employees Engaged in Mending or Repacking of Damaged Containers--Coverage Under U.S. Act
SC 8719 Weighers, Samplers, or Inspectors of Merchandise on Vessels or Docks or at Railway Stations or Warehouses Coverage Under State Act Only
SC 8720 Inspection of Risks for Insurance or Valuation Purposes NOC
SC 8721 Real Estate Agency--Outside Employees & Collectors
SC 8723 Insurance Companies--Including Clerical & Salespersons
SC 8725 Inventory Counters--Traveling--Including Salespersons & Clerical
SC 8726 Steamship Line or Agency--Port Employees--Superintendents, Captains, Engineers, Stewards or Their Assistants, Pay Clerks
SC 8734 Salespersons or Collectors--Outside--Program II--State Act Benefits--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)
SC 8737 Salespersons or Collectors--Outside--Program I--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)
SC 8738 Salespersons or Collectors--Outside--Program II--USL&HW Act Benefits--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)
SC 8742 Salespersons or Collectors--Outside
SC 8745 News Agent or Distributor of Magazines or Other Periodicals--Not Retail Dealer & Salespersons, Drivers
SC 8748 Automobile--Salespersons
SC 8755 Labor Union--All Employees.
SC 8799 Mailing or Addressing Company or Letter Service Shop--Clerical Staff
SC 8800 Mailing or Addressing Company or Letter Service Shop
SC 8803 Auditor, Accountant, or Computer System Designer or Programmer--Traveling
SC 8805 Clerical Office Employees NOC--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)--Program II--State Act Benefits
SC 8810 Clerical Office Employees NOC.
SC 8814 Clerical Office Employees NOC--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)--Program I
SC 8815 Clerical Office Employees NOC--Coverage Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA)--Program II--USL&HW Act Benefits
SC 8820 Attorney--All Employees & Clerical, Messengers, Drivers.
SC 8824 Retirement Living Centers--Health Care Employees
SC 8825 Retirement Living Centers--Food Service Employees
SC 8826 Retirement Living Centers--All Other Employees & Salespersons, Drivers
SC 8829 Nursing or Convalescent Home--All Employees
SC 8831 Hospital--Veterinary & Drivers
SC 8832 Physician & Clerical
SC 8833 Hospital--Professional Employees
SC 8835 Home, Public, and Traveling Healthcare--All Employees
SC 8842 Group Homes--All Employees & Salespersons, Drivers
SC 8855 Banks and Trust Companies--All Employees, Salespersons, Drivers & Clerical
SC 8856 Check Cashing Establishments--All Employees, Salespersons, Drivers & Clerical
SC 8864 Social Services Organization--All Employees & Salespersons, Drivers
SC 8868 School--Professional Employees & Clerical
SC 8869 Child Care Center--All Employees Including Clerical, Salespersons & Drivers.
SC 8871 Clerical Telecommuter Employees.
SC 8901 Telecommunications Co.: Office or Exchange Employees & Clerical
SC 9012 Building or Property Management--Property Managers and Leasing Agents & Clerical, Salespersons
SC 9014 Janitorial Services by Contractors--No Window Cleaning Above Ground Level & Drivers
SC 9015 Building or Property Management--All Other Employees
SC 9016 Amusement Park or Exhibition Operation & Drivers
SC 9019 Bridge or Vehicular Tunnel Operation & Drivers.
SC 9033 Housing Authority & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers
SC 9040 Hospital--All Other Employees
SC 9052 Hotel--All Other Employees & Salespersons, Drivers
SC 9058 Hotel--Restaurant Employees
SC 9060 Club--Country, Golf, Fishing, or Yacht--All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers
SC 9061 Club--NOC & Clerical
SC 9063 Health or Exercise Institute & Clerical
SC 9077 United States Armed Service Risk--All Employees & Drivers.
SC 9082 Restaurant NOC.
SC 9083 Restaurant: Fast Food.
SC 9084 Bar, Discotheque, Lounge, Nightclub or Tavern.
SC 9088 Rocket or Missile Testing or Launching & Drivers
SC 9089 Billiard--Hall
SC 9093 Bowling Lane.
SC 9101 School--All Other Employees
SC 9102 Park NOC--All Employees & Drivers.
SC 9154 Theater NOC--All Other Employees
SC 9156 Theater NOC--Players, Entertainers, or Musicians
SC 9170 Janitorial Services by Contractors--Includes Window Cleaning Above Ground Level & Drivers
SC 9178 Athletic Sports or Park: Noncontact Sports.
SC 9179 Athletic Sports or Park: Contact Sports.
SC 9180 Club--Shooting & Drivers
SC 9182 Athletic Sports or Park: Operations & Drivers.
SC 9186 Amusement Device Operator, Carnival, or Circus Traveling--All Employees & Drivers
SC 9220 Cemetery Operation & Drivers
SC 9402 Street Cleaning & Drivers
SC 9403 Garbage, Ashes or Refuse Collection & Drivers
SC 9410 Municipal, Township, County, or State Employee NOC.
SC 9501 Painting--Shop Only & Drivers
SC 9505 Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg.--Painting
SC 9519 Air Conditioning Systems--Portable Units--Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers
SC 9521 House Furnishings Installation NOC & Upholstering.
SC 9522 Upholstering.
SC 9534 Mobile Crane and Hoisting Service Contractors--NOC--All Operations & Drivers.
SC 9554 Sign Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Removal, or Replacement NOC--Away From Shop & Drivers
SC 9586 Beauty Shop, Barber Shop, or Hair Styling Salon
SC 9600 Taxidermist
SC 9620 Funeral Director & Drivers
SC 9984 Atomic Energy--Project Work
SC 9985 Atomic Energy--Radiation Exposure NOC