Texas Class Code Lookup

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TX00051.19Christmas Tree Farm & Drivers
TX00051.19Farm--Christmas Tree & Drivers
TX00051.19Farm--Nursery Employees & Drivers
TX00051.19Farm--Tree & Drivers
TX00051.19Forestry Personnel--Planting and Supervision of Timber Forest & Drivers
TX00051.19Grass Nursery & Drivers
TX00051.19Timber Personnel for Tree Farming Program & Drivers
TX00051.19Tree Farms & Drivers
TX00081.54Farm--Gardening--Market or Truck & Drivers
TX00081.54Farm--Vegetable & Drivers
TX00081.54Harvesting by Contract Using Hand Labor Exclusively & Drivers
TX00081.54Rogueing Crew for Field Crops & Drivers
TX00113.06Farm--NOC & Drivers
TX00162.77Farm--Orchard & Drivers
TX00162.77Pecan Harvesting & Drivers
TX00341.15Hatchery--Poultry--Store Operations Only
TX00351.86Aquatic Plants--Growing & Harvesting & Drivers
TX00351.86Farm--Florist & Drivers
TX00351.86Farm--Worm & Drivers
TX00351.86Hydroponics & Drivers
TX00351.86Mushroom Growing and Harvesting & Drivers
TX00351.86Nursery--Wholesale--With Hothouse or Greenhouse Growing Operations & Drivers
TX00351.86Wholesale Nursery With Hothouse or Greenhouse Growing Operations & Drivers
TX00351.86Worm Farms & Drivers
TX00372.05Anhydrous Ammonia Application--Agricultural--By Contract & Drivers
TX00372.05Crop Spraying or Dusting--By Contract--Not Aerial & Drivers
TX00372.05Farm Machinery Operation--By Contractor & Drivers
TX00372.05Farm--Field Crops & Drivers
TX00372.05Fertilizer Application--By Contract With Farm Machinery & Drivers
TX00372.05Harvesting by Contract Using Farm Machinery & Drivers
TX00372.05Hay Baling & Drivers
TX00422.51Hydro-Mulching & Drivers
TX00422.51Landscape Gardening & Drivers
TX00791.03Farm--Berry or Vineyard & Drivers
TX00791.03Farm--Vineyard or Berry & Drivers
TX00832.21Breeding Farm or Stable & Drivers
TX00832.21Club--Riding & Drivers
TX00832.21Farm--Breeding or Stable & Drivers
TX00832.21Farm--Cattle or Livestock Raising NOC & Drivers
TX00832.21Farm--Dairy & Drivers
TX00832.21Farm--Goat or Sheep Raising & Drivers
TX00832.21Farm--Livestock or Cattle Raising NOC & Drivers
TX00832.21Farm--Sheep or Goat Raising & Drivers
TX00832.21Farm--Stable or Breeding Farm & Drivers
TX00832.21Horse Racetrack Stable Employees & Drivers
TX00832.21Horse Show--Stable Employees & Drivers
TX00832.21Jockeys & Drivers
TX00832.21Livery or Boarding Stable--Not Sales Stable & Drivers
TX00832.21Racetrack Operation--Horse--Stable Employees and Jockeys & Drivers
TX00832.21Riding Academy or Club & Drivers
TX00832.21Stable or Breeding Farm & Drivers
TX01062.92Transmission Line Clearing and/or Maintenance--Tree Trimming Along Existing Lines & Drivers
TX01062.92Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing, Trimming, or Fumigating & Drivers
TX01131.69Alligator Farm & Drivers
TX01131.69Apiaries & Drivers
TX01131.69Bee Keeping--Honey Production & Drivers
TX01131.69Broiler and/or Egg Producers & Drivers
TX01131.69Catfish Farms & Drivers
TX01131.69Chicken Catchers--By Contract & Drivers
TX01131.69Chinchilla Farms & Drivers
TX01131.69Dog Breeding and Raising for Racing & Drivers
TX01131.69Dog Raising and Training & Drivers
TX01131.69Emu and/or Ostrich Raising & Drivers
TX01131.69Farm--Alligator & Drivers
TX01131.69Farm--Animal Raising & Drivers
TX01131.69Farm--Catfish & Drivers
TX01131.69Farm--Chinchilla & Drivers
TX01131.69Farm--Egg or Poultry Producer & Drivers
TX01131.69Farm--Fish Hatchery & Drivers
TX01131.69Farm--Kennel--Raising Greyhounds for Racing & Drivers
TX01131.69Farm--Poultry or Egg Producer & Drivers
TX01131.69Greyhound Raising and Training for Racing & Drivers
TX01131.69Guard Dog Service & Drivers
TX01131.69Minnow or Goldfish Hatchery & Drivers
TX01131.69Ostrich and/or Emu Raising & Drivers
TX01131.69Poultry and Egg Producing & Drivers
TX04016.62Cotton Gin--All Employees
TX0913110Residences--Private--Domestic Workers--Per Capita Basis
TX0923Domestic Workers--Residences--Payroll Basis
TX0923Residences--Private--Domestic Workers--Payroll Basis
TX11650.73Coal Mining & Drivers
TX11650.73Lignite Mining & Drivers
TX11650.73Mining & Drivers
TX11650.73Mining--Diamond Core Drilling & Drivers
TX11650.73Silica Sand Production & Drivers
TX11650.73Uranium Mining & Drivers
TX13210.72Compressor Station Operation & Drivers
TX13210.72Gas, Natural Gas or Oil Production--Operation of Leases & Drivers
TX13210.72Oil or Gas Production--Operation of Leases & Drivers
TX13210.72Oil Production by Contract--Pumping and Gauging & Drivers
TX13210.72Salt Water Disposal Well Operator & Drivers
TX13210.72Uranium Extraction--Solution Mining Process & Drivers
TX14382.56Blast Furnace Operation & Drivers
TX14382.56Calcium Carbide Mfg. & Drivers
TX14382.56Coke Mfg. & Drivers
TX14382.56Gold Reclaiming & Drivers
TX14382.56Magnesium Metal Mfg.--Ferro-Silicon Process--All Operations & Drivers
TX14382.56Precious Metal Refining & Drivers
TX14382.56Silver Reclamation From Photographic Film & Drivers
TX14382.56Smelting, Sintering, or Refining--Metals--Not Iron or Lead--NOC & Drivers
TX27193.53Logging or Lumbering--Mechanized Felling Machines (Includes the Use of Chain Saws for Delimbing & Bucking) & Drivers
TX27312.05Carpet Tack Strip Mfg.
TX27312.05Excelsior Mfg.
TX27312.05Planing or Molding Mill
TX27312.05Plywood Mfg.
TX27901.41Pattern Making NOC
TX28022.55Barrel Assembly & Drivers
TX28022.55Barrel Stock Mfg. & Drivers
TX28022.55Building Mfg.--Portable--Wood--Shop & Drivers
TX28022.55Carpentry--Shop Only & Drivers
TX28022.55Cooling Tower Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28022.55Cooperage Assembly & Drivers
TX28022.55Cooperage Stock Mfg. & Drivers
TX28022.55Crating Service--For Export Shipping & Drivers
TX28022.55Fence Mfg.--Picket Type & Drivers
TX28022.55Ladder or Stair Mfg.--Shop--Wood & Drivers
TX28022.55Last Block Mfg. & Drivers
TX28022.55Modular Building Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28022.55Modular Home Mfg.--Wood--Shop & Drivers
TX28022.55Pallet Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28022.55Panel Mfg.--Wall Sections--Shop & Drivers
TX28022.55Prefabricated Building Mfg.--Wood--Shop Operations & Drivers
TX28022.55Trusses Fabricating--Wood--Shop & Drivers
TX28351.47Broom, Brush, or Mop Mfg. NOC
TX28351.47Brush, Broom, or Mop Mfg. NOC
TX28351.47Mop, Brush, or Broom Mfg.
TX28811.79Billiard Table Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Box Mfg.--Cigar--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Box or Box Shook Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Box Spring Frame Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Box Spring or Mattress Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Broom, Brush, or Mop Handle Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Brush, Broom, or Mop Handle Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Cabinet or Tabletop Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Cabinet Works NOC & Drivers
TX28811.79Casket or Coffin Mfg. or Assembly--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Chair Mfg.--Rattan & Drivers
TX28811.79Coffin or Casket Mfg. or Assembly--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Door or Window Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Door, Sash, or Assembled Millwork Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Formica Cabinet and Countertop Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Furniture Mfg. or Assembly--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Furniture Refinishing & Drivers
TX28811.79Furniture Stock Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Kitchen Cabinet Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Lath Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Mattress or Box Spring Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Mop, Brush, or Broom Handle Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Pencil Stock Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Piano Case Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Rattan Furniture Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Sash, Door, or Assembled Millwork Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Shade Roller Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Shutter Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Shuttle Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Stake Mfg.--Wooden & Drivers
TX28811.79Store Furniture or Fixture Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Toy Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Trunk Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Veneer Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Veneer Products Mfg. & Drivers
TX28811.79Venetian Blind Mfg. or Assembly--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Window or Door Mfg.--Wood & Drivers
TX28811.79Wood Turned Products Mfg. NOC & Drivers
TX28811.79Woodenware Mfg. NOC & Drivers
TX29230.68Musical Instrument Mfg.
TX29230.68Organ Building & Installation
TX30041.26Iron or Steel Mfg.--All Types & Drivers
TX30041.26Rolling Mill--Iron or Steel & Drivers
TX30221.52Copper Tubing Drawing & Drivers
TX30221.52Pipe or Tube Mfg. NOC & Drivers
TX30270.59Rolling Mill NOC & Drivers
TX30281.79Pipe or Tube Mfg.--Iron, Steel, or Cast Iron & Drivers
TX30281.79Upsetting Tubing & Drivers
TX30402.44Building Mfg.--Portable--Metal--Shop & Drivers
TX30402.44Bumper and Trailer Hitch Mfg. & Drivers
TX30402.44Burglar Guards or Bars Mfg. & Drivers
TX30402.44Cage Mfg.--Animal & Drivers
TX30402.44Cattle Chute Mfg.--Metal & Drivers
TX30402.44Cattle Feeder Mfg.--Metal & Drivers
TX30402.44Concrete Form or Pan Mfg.--Steel--Includes Repair--Larger Than 14 Gauge & Drivers
TX30402.44Decking--Steel--Fabrication Shop & Drivers
TX30402.44Iron or Steel--Fabrication--Iron or Steelworks--Shop & Drivers
TX30402.44Jail or Prison Cell Mfg. & Drivers
TX30402.44Rebar Fabrication--Shop & Drivers
TX30402.44Refuse Container Mfg.--Dumpsters & Drivers
TX30402.44Stairway or Fire Escape Mfg. & Drivers
TX30402.44Tank Mfg.--Metal--Fuel Tanks for Vehicles & Drivers
TX30402.44Tool Box Mfg.--Gang Type and Truck Type & Drivers
TX30411.92Iron or Steel--Fabrication--Iron Works--Shop--Decorative or Artistic and Foundries, Drivers
TX30411.92Sculpture Fabrication--Metal & Drivers
TX30420.84Elevator or Escalator Mfg.
TX30420.84Escalator or Elevator Mfg.
TX30641.93Sign Manufacturing--Metal
TX30641.93Sign Manufacturing--Neon
TX30641.93Sign Manufacturing--Silk Screen Printing--Metal
TX30641.93Sign Mfg.--Porcelain--Out of Aluminum
TX30661.7Aircraft Subassemblies Mfg.
TX30661.7Aluminum Awning Mfg.
TX35071.4Automobile Washing Equipment Mfg.
TX35071.4Compressor Systems Mfg.--Skid Mounted
TX35071.4Concrete Batch Plant Mfg.--Portable
TX35071.4Concrete Mixer Mfg.--Transit Type
TX35071.4Construction or Agricultural Machinery Mfg.
TX35071.4Cotton Gin Machine Mfg.
TX35071.4Crane Mfg.--Overhead
TX35071.4Dredge, Steam Shovel, or Construction Machinery Mfg. NOC
TX35071.4Drilling Rig Mfg.
TX35071.4Feed Grinding & Mixing Equipment Mfg.
TX35071.4Golf Cart Mfg.
TX35071.4Grain Elevator Equipment Mfg.
TX35071.4Ice Crusher Mfg.
TX35071.4Laundry Equipment Mfg.-- Commercial
TX35071.4Lawn Mower Mfg.--Power
TX35071.4Locomotive Works
TX35071.4Machinery Mfg. NOC
TX35071.4Mining or Ore Milling Machinery Mfg.
TX35071.4Oil or Gas Well--Drilling Rig Mfg. or Assembly
TX35071.4Ore Milling or Mining Machinery Mfg.
TX35071.4Power Tong Mfg.
TX35071.4Pump Jack Mfg.
TX35071.4Road or Street Making Machinery Mfg.
TX35071.4Safe Mfg. or Repairing
TX35071.4Saw Mfg.--Chain
TX35071.4Steam Shovel, Dredge, or Construction Machinery Mfg. NOC
TX35071.4Street or Road Construction Machinery Mfg.
TX35071.4Traction Engine or Power Plow Mfg.
TX35480.93Bookbinding or Printing Machine Mfg.
TX35480.93Printing or Bookbinding Machine Mfg.
TX35740.33Adding, Computing, Recording, or Office Machine Mfg. NOC
TX35740.33Cartridge Recharge--Laser Type
TX35740.33Cash Register Mfg.
TX35740.33Computing, Adding, Recording, or Office Machine Mfg. NOC
TX35740.33Gas Meter Mfg.
TX35740.33Laser Cartridge Recharge
TX35740.33Meter Mfg.--Coin-Operated
TX35740.33Photo Identification Camera Mfg.
TX35740.33Sewing Machine Mfg.
TX35740.33Typewriter Mfg.
TX36201.73Heat Exchanger Cleaning in Shop
TX36201.73Heat Exchanger Mfg. and Repair
TX36201.73Pressure Vessel Mfg.
TX36201.73Tank Building--Metal--Shop
TX36201.73Tank Head Mfg.
TX36290.88Arms Mfg.--Small
TX36290.88Babbitt Bearing Mfg.--Industrial
TX36290.88Ball or Roller Bearing Mfg.
TX36290.88Firearms Mfg.--Small
TX36290.88Gun or Rifle Mfg.
TX36290.88Metal Forming--High-Energy Rate Method
TX36290.88Precision Machined Parts Mfg. NOC
TX36290.88Rifle or Gun Mfg.
TX36290.88Roller or Ball Bearing Mfg.
TX36321.4Drill Bit Repair--Rock
TX36321.4Engine Rebuilding--Industrial--Shop
TX36321.4Explosives or Ammunition Mfg.--Projectile or Shell Mfg.
TX36321.4Fintube Mfg.
TX36321.4Gear Mfg. or Grinding
TX36321.4Machine Shop NOC.
TX36321.4Marine Propeller Repair
TX36321.4Propeller Repair--Marine
TX36321.4Radiator Repair--Industrial--Shop Only
TX36321.4Seismograph Bit Retipping
TX36321.4Tool Joint Resurfacing--Oil
TX36421.37Battery Mfg.--Dry
TX36431.3Boiler Control Panel Mfg.
TX36431.3Circuit Breaker Mfg.--Electrical
TX36431.3Electric Motor Repair--Industrial
TX36431.3Electric Power or Transmission Equipment Mfg.
TX36431.3Electrical Motor Repair--Shop Operations
TX36431.3Electrical Switchboard Mfg.
TX36431.3Motor Repair--Electrical
TX36431.3Transformer Mfg.--Large--For Power Transmitting Equipment
TX36470.86Battery Mfg.--Storage
TX36481.01Automobile Lighting, Ignition, or Starting Apparatus Mfg. NOC
TX36481.01Automobile Parts Rebuilders NOC
TX36481.01Brake and Clutch Relining
TX36481.01Spark Plug Mfg.
TX36810.46Aircraft Radio Mfg.
TX36810.46Automatic Control System Mfg.
TX36810.46Circuit Board Mfg.--Printed
TX36810.46Electrical Cord Set, Radio, or Ignition Harness Assembly
TX36810.46Electronic Apparatus Mfg.--Assembly NOC
TX36810.46Electronic Control Board Mfg.
TX36810.46Electronic Television Game Mfg.
TX36810.46Geophone Mfg.
TX36810.46Printed Circuit Board Mfg.
TX36810.46Radio Apparatus Mfg. or Assembly NOC
TX36810.46Telecommunications Apparatus Mfg.
TX36810.46Telephone or Telegraph--Apparatus Mfg.
TX36810.46Television Mfg.
TX36810.46Television Picture Tube Mfg.
TX36810.46Thermostat Mfg.
TX36850.54Air Pressure or Steam Gauge Mfg.
TX36850.54Aircraft Automatic Pilot Mfg.
TX36850.54Butane Converter Mfg.--Automotive
TX36850.54Camera Repair Shops
TX36850.54Carburetor Mfg.
TX43602.1Motion Picture--Production--In Studios or Outside--All Operations--Includes the Development of Negatives & Drivers
TX43611.02Film Processing & Drivers
TX43611.02Microfilming & Drivers
TX43611.02Photo Developing and Printing & Drivers
TX43611.02Photo Finishing Pickup Stations & Drivers
TX43611.02Photographer--All Employees & Drivers
TX43620.21Film Exchange
TX43620.21Motion Picture--Film Exchange and Projection Rooms
TX44102.11Carpet Padding Mfg.--Rubberized
TX44102.11Rubber Goods Mfg. NOC
TX44102.11Rubber Reclaiming
TX44171.21Boot or Shoe Mfg.--Rubber
TX44171.21Shoe or Boot Mfg.--Rubber or Combined Rubber and Fabric
TX44202.76Rubber Tire Mfg.
TX44202.76Rubber Tire Recapping and Retreading
TX44202.76Tire Recapping & Retreading
TX44310.81Phonograph Record Mfg.
TX44320.82Carbon Paper or Typewriter Ribbon Mfg.
TX44320.82Cartridge Repair or Mfg.--Ribbon Type
TX44320.82Crayon, Pencil, or Pen Holder Mfg.
TX44320.82Fountain Pen Mfg.
TX44320.82Inked Ribbon Preparation
TX44320.82Pen Holder, Crayon, or Pencil Mfg.
TX44320.82Pen Mfg.--Fountain or Ballpoint
TX44320.82Pencil Mfg.--Mechanical
TX44320.82Pencil, Pen Holder, or Crayon Mfg.
TX44320.82Typewriter Ribbon or Carbon Paper Mfg.
TX44521.34Bone or Ivory Goods Mfg.
TX44521.34Fabric Coating or Impregnating NOC
TX44521.34Foam Beverage Cup Mfg.
TX44521.34Furniture Mfg.--Plastic--From PVC Pipe
TX44521.34Horn Goods Mfg.--Fabricated Products Mfg.
TX44521.34Ivory or Bone Goods Mfg.
TX44521.34Leather Mfg.--Imitation
TX44521.34Linoleum Mfg.
TX44521.34Oil Cloth Mfg.
TX44521.34Plastic Bag Mfg.--Converting From Rolls to Bags--No Extrusion Operations
TX44521.34Plastic Products Mfg.--Vacuum Forming Process
TX44521.34Plastics Mfg.--Fabricated Products NOC
TX44521.34Tile Mfg.--Asphalt
TX44521.34Vacuum Forming--Plastic Products
TX44591.12Adhesives Mfg.--Plastic--Sheets and Liquid
TX44591.12Bowling Ball Mfg.--Plastic.
TX44591.12Fiberglass Pipe Fabrication by Filament Winding
TX44591.12Fiberglass Sheets Mfg.
TX44591.12Plastic Adhesives Mfg.
TX44591.12Plastic Bag Mfg.--Extruding Film and Converting to Bags
TX44591.12Plastic Mfg.--By Extrusion Process
TX44591.12Plastic Mfg.--Expanded Polystyrene Pellets
TX44591.12Plastic Scrap Recycling--Grinding, Shredding, Etc.
TX44591.12Plastics Mfg.--Sheets, Rods, or Tubes
TX44591.12Recycling Plastic Scrap
TX44701.5Cable Mfg.--Insulated Electrical
TX44701.5Wire Insulating or Covering
TX44841.45Automobile, Bus, Truck, or Trailer Body Mfg.--Fiberglass
TX44841.45Casket or Coffin Mfg.--Plastic or Fiberglass
TX44841.45Coffin or Casket Mfg. or Assembly--Plastic or Fiberglass
TX44841.45Doll or Doll Parts Mfg. or Assembly.
TX44841.45Fiberglass Products Mfg. NOC
TX44841.45Fiberglass Tank Mfg.
TX44841.45Plastic Molding Mfg.
TX44841.45Plastic Products Mfg.--Injection Molded
TX44841.45Plastics Mfg.--Molded Products NOC
TX44841.45Swimming Pool Mfg.--Fiberglass
TX44841.45Tile Mfg.--Plastic
TX44841.45Truck Body & Cab Mfg.--Fiberglass
TX45110.35Analytical Chemist
TX45110.35Boiler Inspection
TX45110.35Elevator Inspecting
TX45110.35Environmental Consultants
TX45110.35Gamma Ray & X-Ray Testing--Industrial--Shop & Outside
TX45110.35Grain Sampling and Testing
TX45110.35Inspection of Fruit and Vegetables--By Contract
TX45110.35Inspection of Metals--Industrial--By Means of Radiography--Shop and Outside
TX45110.35Inspection of Sewer Lines/Mains by Remote Controlled Camera--No Cleaning or Repairing
TX45110.35Marine Appraiser or Surveyor
TX45110.35Monitoring and Analysis for Asbestos Removal--No Other Operations
TX45110.35Racetrack Operation--Horse--Officials & Stewards
TX45110.35Sewer Lines/Mains Inspection by Remote Controlled Camera--No Cleaning or Repairing
TX45110.35Ship Inspection--Not Cargo
TX45110.35Testing Laboratories--Commercial
TX45191.49Exterminator & Drivers
TX45191.49Insect Extermination and Termite Control & Drivers
TX45191.49Termite Control and Insect Extermination & Drivers
TX45191.49Utility Pole Preserving by Chemical Injection to Existing Stationary Poles & Drivers
TX45580.92Candle Mfg.
TX45580.92Caulking Compound Mfg.
TX45580.92Color Grinding, Blending, or Testing
TX45580.92Dressing or Polish Mfg.
TX45580.92Ink Mfg.--Mucilage or Paste
TX45580.92Ink Mfg.--Printing
TX45580.92Lacquer or Spirit Varnish Mfg.
TX45580.92Match Mfg.
TX45580.92Mucilage, Ink (Writing) or Paste Mfg.
TX45580.92Paint Mfg.
TX45580.92Paraffin Wax Mfg.
TX45580.92Paste, Ink (Writing) or Mucilage Mfg.
TX45580.92Polish or Dressing Mfg.
TX45580.92Putty Mfg.
TX51910.42Piano--Tuning--Away From Shop
TX51910.42Scales--Installation or Adjustment--Counter Type
TX51910.42X-Ray Equipment Installation & Repair--Portable
TX51921.37Ice Machines--Sales, Rental, Installation, and Service & Drivers
TX51921.37Scales--Installation or Adjustment--Coin-Operated Type & Drivers
TX51921.37Vending or Coin-Operated Machines--Installation, Service, or Repair & Drivers
TX52002.31Cable Tension System Installation--For Concrete Slabs & Drivers
TX52002.31Concrete or Cement Work--Floors, Driveways, Sidewalks, Curbs, and Gutters & Drivers
TX52002.31Concrete Pumping or Placing--For One-Story Buildings & Drivers
TX52002.31Concrete Sawing--Driveways & Sidewalks & Drivers
TX52002.31Curb & Gutter Construction & Drivers
TX52002.31Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installation and Hookup & Drivers
TX52002.31Foundation Repair--House Leveling & Drivers
TX52002.31House Leveling--Foundation Repair & Drivers
TX52002.31Parking Areas and Driveways--Construction--Concrete--All Operations & Drivers
TX52002.31Swimming Pool Construction--All Operations & Drivers
TX52035.4Concrete Construction--Bridges & Drivers
TX52035.4Concrete Sawing--Bridges & Drivers
TX52132.56Building Cleaning--Exterior--Chemical Process & Drivers
TX52132.56Building Raising or Moving--Concrete or Concrete-Encased Steel & Drivers
TX52132.56Cable Tension System Installation--Commercial & Drivers
TX52132.56Chimney Construction--Not Metal & Drivers
TX52132.56Cleaning Building Exteriors--Water Blasting or Sandblasting & Drivers
TX52132.56Cleaning or Renovating Building Exteriors & Drivers
TX52132.56Concrete Construction NOC & Drivers
TX52132.56Concrete Construction--Erection of Precast and Prestressed Structural Concrete Products or Tilt-Up Wall Sections--Buildings One and Two Stories in Height & Drivers
TX52132.56Concrete Culvert Construction Not Over 10' High & Drivers
TX52132.56Concrete Grain Bin Construction & Drivers
TX52132.56Concrete Pumping or Placing NOC & Drivers
TX52132.56Concrete Sawing NOC & Drivers
TX52132.56Concrete Water Tank Erection & Drivers
TX52132.56Grain Bin Erection--Concrete & Drivers
TX52132.56Guniting--All Operations & Drivers
TX52132.56Plastic Coating of Roofs--Spray Method & Drivers
TX52132.56Roof Decking Installation--By Subcontractor--Aggregate Material & Drivers
TX52132.56Smokestack or Chimney Lining--Not Metal & Drivers
TX52132.56Tank Erection or Repair--Concrete & Drivers
TX52132.56Wrecking or Demolition--Not Marine--Concrete or Concrete-Encased Steel & Drivers
TX52202.32Artificial Turf Installation & Drivers
TX52202.32Asphalt Application on Parking Areas & Drivers
TX52202.32Parking Areas and Driveways--Construction--Asphalt--All Operations & Drivers
TX52202.32Parking Lot Striping--By Specialty Contractor & Drivers
TX52202.32Tennis Court Surfacing or Coating--Asphalt & Drivers
TX52202.32Turf--Artificial--Installation & Drivers
TX53481.47Ceramic Tile Installation--Inside
TX53481.47Glass Block Installation--Interior
TX53481.47Marble or Stone Setting--Inside
TX53481.47Mosaic, Stone, Terrazzo, or Tile Work--Inside
TX53481.47Stone or Marble Setting--Inside
TX53481.47Stone, Mosaic, Terrazzo, or Tile Work--Inside
TX53481.47Terrazzo, Mosaic, Stone, or Tile Work--Inside
TX53481.47Tile Installation--Ceramic--Inside
TX53481.47Tile, Stone, Mosaic, or Terrazzo Work--Inside
TX54032.94Aluminum Awning Erection & Drivers
TX54032.94Apartment Buildings and Motels--Erection--Wood Frame & Drivers
TX54032.94Bridge Building--Wood Frame & Drivers
TX54032.94Building Raising or Moving--Wooden & Drivers
TX54032.94Carpentry NOC & Drivers
TX54032.94Carpentry--Dwellings & Drivers
TX54032.94Carpentry--Private One- or Two-Family Residences & Drivers
TX54032.94Deck Construction--Wooden & Drivers
TX54032.94Siding Installation--Aluminum or Vinyl & Drivers
TX54032.94Wooden Deck Construction & Drivers
TX54032.94Wrecking or Demolition--Not Marine--Wooden--Including Dwellings & Drivers
TX54372.71Carpentry--Installation of Cabinet Work or Interior Trim & Drivers
TX54372.71Carpentry--Installation of Finished Wooden Flooring & Drivers
TX54372.71Ceilings--Suspended, Stapled, or Cemented--Installation & Drivers
TX54372.71Drywall Installation--Within Buildings & Drivers
TX54372.71Floor Covering--Installation of Finished Wooden Flooring & Drivers
TX54372.71Floor Sanding and Finishing--Wood & Drivers
TX54372.71Formica Cabinet and Countertop Installation & Drivers
TX54372.71Paneling Installation & Drivers
TX54372.71Sheetrock Installation & Drivers
TX54372.71Wallboard Installation--Within Building & Drivers
TX54372.71Weatherstrip Installation--Metal Only & Drivers
TX54431.21Lathing & Drivers.
TX54622.97Glazier--Away From Shop & Drivers
TX54742.32Caulking Interior of Buildings & Drivers
TX54742.32Lining Metal Tanks With Plastic & Drivers
TX54742.32Painting NOC & Drivers
TX54742.32Painting--Oil Field Tanks--Not Elevated & Drivers
TX54742.32Painting--Ship Interiors and Top Structures & Drivers
TX54742.32Painting--Water Tanks--Not Elevated & Drivers
TX54742.32Plastering NOC & Drivers
TX54742.32Taping, Floating and Texturing--No Sheetrock Installation & Drivers
TX54742.32Weatherstrip Installation--Caulking and Foam Strips--Inside & Drivers
TX54792.94Acoustical Material Installation & Drivers
TX54792.94Asbestos Insulation Removal From Buildings & Drivers
TX54792.94Fiberglass Insulation--Installation in Buildings or Within Building Walls & Drivers
TX54792.94Insulation Removal From Buildings & Drivers
TX54792.94Insulation Work NOC & Drivers
TX54911.06Automobile Glass Tinting--No Other Operations & Drivers
TX54911.06Glass Tinting--All Kinds & Drivers
TX54911.06Paper Hanging & Drivers
TX54911.06Tinting--Glass for Automobiles or Within Buildings & Drivers
TX54911.06Window Tinting--Automotive or Buildings & Drivers
TX55063.6Airport Runway Construction & Drivers
TX55063.6Asphalt Works--Operated by Road Paving Contractors--Temporary Location & Drivers
TX55063.6Concrete Sawing--Street or Road & Drivers
TX55063.6Drainage System Construction as Part of a Highway Construction Contract & Drivers
TX72193.52Scaffolding--Delivery of Materials Only--No Installation, Repair, or Removal--All Employees & Drivers
TX72193.52Service Station Wash Pit Cleaning by Means of Suction Pump & Drivers
TX72193.52Sludge Removal by Vacuum Truck--No Cleaning or Processing & Drivers
TX72193.52Snow Removal--Hauling Snow Under Contract--No Snow Clearing--All Employees & Drivers
TX72193.52Trucking--Hauling Explosives or Ammunition--All Employees & Drivers
TX72193.52Trucking--NOC--All Employees & Drivers
TX72193.52Vacuum Service--Suction Removal of Contents From Tanks--No Entry Into Tank or Processing of Waste & Drivers
TX72193.52Vacuum Truck Service--Oil Field & Drivers
TX72193.52Waste Removal by Vacuum Truck--No Cleaning or Processing & Drivers
TX72193.52Water Hauling for Oil Drilling Companies--By Specialty Contractor & Drivers
TX7225Automobile Towing & Drivers
TX7225Roadside Assistance & Drivers
TX72304.44Advertising Circular Distribution--By Contract & Drivers
TX72304.44Circular Distribution--Advertising--By Contract & Drivers
TX72304.44Grocery Delivery--By Contract & Drivers
TX72304.44Mail Delivery by Contractors & Drivers
TX72304.44Mail Hauling Under Contract With US Post Office Dept. & Drivers
TX72304.44Mail Sack Sorting by Contractors & Drivers
TX72304.44Medical Waste--Pickup of Prepackaged Waste--By Contract & Drivers
TX72304.44Telephone Book Delivery by Contract & Drivers
TX72304.44Trucking--Parcel or Package Delivery--All Employees & Drivers
TX73132.92Ore Dock Operation and Stevedoring
TX73132.92Stevedoring--Ore Dock Operation
TX73173.24Barge Loading by Contract--No Use of Hoisting Equipment
TX73173.24Chemical Barge Loading by Contract--No Use of Hoisting Equipment
TX73173.24Crane Mechanics & Gearmen--At Docks
TX73173.24Gearmen & Crane Mechanics--At Docks
TX73173.24Ship Mooring Service
TX73173.24Stevedoring--By Hand or Hand Trucks Exclusively
TX73173.24Stevedoring--Explosive Materials--No Use of Hoisting Equipment
TX73173.24Tankerman Service
TX73273.74Stevedoring--Containerized Freight & Drivers
TX735012.96Freight Handler NOC--Coverage Under US Act
TX73602.2Freight Handler NOC--Coverage Under State Act Only
TX73602.2Rail Car Loading or Unloading by Contract
TX73602.2Refrigerator Car Loading or Unloading by Contract
TX73602.2Tie Loading Contractor--Railroad
TX73802.26Chauffeurs, Drivers, and Their Helpers NOC--Commercial
TX73802.26Drivers, Chauffeurs, and Their Helpers NOC--Commercial
TX73802.26Ice Mfg.--Chauffeurs, Drivers, and Their Helpers and Garage Employees
TX73822.9Horse & Carriage Tours & Drivers
TX73822.9Limousine Co.--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX73822.9Taxicab Co.--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX73902.11Ale or Beer Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers.
TX73902.11Beer or Ale Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX74051.01Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Air Carrier--Scheduled or Supplemental--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Air Traffic Reporters
TX74181.76Aircraft Operations--Banner Towing--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Aerial Application, Seeding, or Herding--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Air Carrier--Commuter--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Flight Testing by Mfr.--Prototype or Experimental Aircraft--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Patrol, Photography Other Than Mapping or Survey Work--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Public Exhibition Involving Stunt Flying, Racing, or Parachute Jumping--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Balloon--Hot Air Type--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Banner Towing--Aircraft Operations--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Crop Spraying or Dusting--Aerial--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Photographer--Aerial NOC--Flying Crew
TX74181.76Reporters--Air Traffic
TX74210.29Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Transportation of Personnel in Conduct of Employer's Business--Flying Crew
TX74221.05Aircraft or Helicopter Operation NOC--Flying Crew
TX74221.05Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Flight Testing by Mfr.--Aircraft Manufactured Under an Approved Type Certificate--Flying Crew
TX74221.05Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Sales or Service Agency--Taxi or Sightseeing--Student Instruction--Flying Crew
TX74221.05Ambulance Service--Air Ambulance--Flying Crew
TX74221.05Photographer--Aerial Mapping, Survey, or Landscape Work Aboard Aircraft During Flight
TX74232.29Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Repair & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft Instrument Installation or Repair & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft Operations--Banner Towing--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft or Helicopter Operation NOC--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Aerial Application, Seeding, or Herding--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Air Carrier--Commuter--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Air Carrier--Scheduled or Supplemental--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Patrol, Photography Other Than Mapping or Survey Work--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Public Exhibition Involving Stunt Flying, Racing, or Parachute Jumping--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Sales or Service Agency--Taxi or Sightseeing--Student Instruction--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft or Helicopter Operation--Transportation of Personnel in Conduct of Employer's Business--Ground Crew & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft Servicing or Repair & Drivers
TX74232.29Aircraft Washing--By Contract & Drivers
TX74232.29Airport or Heliport Operator--All Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Baggage Handling at Airport--By Contract & Drivers
TX74232.29Balloon--Hot Air Type--Ground Crew, Chase Crew & Drivers
TX74232.29Banner Towing--Aircraft Operations--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Crop Spraying or Dusting--Aerial--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Fueling Aircraft--Airport Service & Drivers
TX74232.29Photographer--Aerial NOC--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX74232.29Washing Aircraft--By Contract & Drivers
TX75020.64Gas Co.--Natural Gas--Local Distribution & Drivers
TX75020.64Steam Heating or Power Co.--All Employees & Drivers
TX75150.59Gas Meter--Natural--Calibration & Service & Drivers
TX75150.59Intelligent Pig--Pipeline Monitoring Using an Intelligent Pig & Drivers
TX75150.59Oil or Gas Pipeline Operation & Drivers
TX75150.59Oil or Gas--Pipeline Operation & Drivers
TX75150.59Pipeline Monitoring--With an Intelligent Poly Pig & Drivers
TX75201.33Flood Control District & Drivers
TX75201.33Irrigation Works Operation & Drivers
TX75201.33Water Control and Improvement District--Irrigation and Water Works & Drivers
TX75201.33Waterworks Operation & Drivers
TX75384.56Electric Light or Power Line Construction & Drivers
TX75384.56Power Line Construction & Drivers
TX75390.52Electric Light or Power Co. NOC--All Employees & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Photographic and Camera Supply--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Plastic Scrap--No Processing--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Radio and Television Parts--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Radio Sales and Service--No Antennae Erection--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Record and Tape--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Retail NOC & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Sewing Machine--Retail Sales and Service & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Shoe Repair & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Soft Drink--No Bottling--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Sporting Goods--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Stereo Equipment Sales, Service, and Installation--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Telephone (Mobile) Sales, Installation & Service--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Television Sales and Service--No Antennae Erection or Repair--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Tile--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Toy--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Trophy--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Upholstery Material--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Vacuum Cleaners Sales & Service--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Video Rental & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Vitamin and Health Food--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Store--Wine & Liquor--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Telephone--Mobile--Sales, Installation and Service--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Television Sales and Service--No Antennae Erection or Repair--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Tile Dealer--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Toy Dealer--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Trophy Stores--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Upholstery Material Dealer--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Video Game Room Operation & Drivers
TX80170.81Video Rental Store & Drivers
TX80170.81Vitamin and Health Food Stores--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Wine & Liquor Dealer--Retail & Drivers
TX80170.81Yogurt Shops & Drivers
TX80181.65Aircraft Parts Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Appliance Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Art and Craft Supply Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Audiovisual Aid Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Baby Furniture and Accessories Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Bearings Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Beverage Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Bicycle Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Bolt and Screw Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Book Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Camera or Photographic Supply Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Carpet Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Ceiling Fan Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Cellular Telephone Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Chain Saw Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Coin Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Computer Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Dairy Equipment Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Drapery and Upholstery Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Electrical Appliance Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Electrical Supplies Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Electronic Equipment Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Fastener Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Fireworks Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Floor Covering Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Florist--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Garden Supply Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Gun Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Health Food Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Hospital Supply Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Hotel Supply Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Ice Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Janitor Supply Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Kitchen Appliance Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Laundry Supply Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Lawn Mower Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Liquor and Wine Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Medical Equipment (Portable) and Supplies Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Mobile Communication Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Music Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65News Agent or Dealer of Magazines, Newspapers, or Other Periodicals--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Nursery--Garden Supply--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Office Supply Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Packaging Small Items--By Contract & Drivers
TX80181.65Paint Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Pet Supplies Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Pharmaceutical or Surgical Supply Stores--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Photographic and Camera Supply Stores--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Plastic Pellet Packaging--No Processing & Drivers
TX80181.65Plastic Scrap Dealer--No Processing--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Radio and Television Parts Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Radio Dealer--No Antennae Erection--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Record & Tape Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Sewing Machine Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Soft Drink Dealer--No Bottling--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Sporting Goods Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Stereo Equipment Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Aircraft Parts Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Appliance--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Art & Craft Supply--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Audiovisual Aid--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Baby Furniture and Accessories--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Bearings--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Beverage--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Bicycle--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Bolt & Screw--Wholesale & Drivers
TX80181.65Store--Book--Wholesale & Drivers
TX82342.57Steel Building Dealer & Drivers
TX82342.57Store--Home Improvement--All Other Employees and Yard, Warehouse, Drivers
TX82342.57Tie, Post, or Pole Yard & Drivers
TX82342.57Wood Preserving & Drivers
TX82642.21Aluminum Can Recycling or Shredding & Drivers
TX82642.21Bottle Dealer--Used & Drivers
TX82642.21Bottle Recycling & Drivers
TX82642.21Can--Aluminum--Recycling or Shredding & Drivers
TX82642.21Paper Shredding and Bailing & Drivers
TX82642.21Paper Stock or Rag Dealer--Used & Drivers
TX82642.21Rag or Paper Stock Dealer--Used & Drivers
TX82642.21Recycling Aluminum Cans & Drivers
TX82642.21Recycling Glass & Drivers
TX82642.21Recycling Paper & Drivers
TX82642.21Rubber Stock Dealer--Used & Drivers
TX82642.21Tire Cord Salvaging & Drivers
TX82652.81Automobile Crushing or Shredding & Drivers
TX82652.81Battery Salvaging & Drivers
TX82652.81Iron or Steel Scrap Dealer & Drivers
TX82652.81Junk Dealer & Drivers
TX82652.81Metal Scrap Dealer & Drivers
TX82652.81Steel or Iron Scrap Dealer & Drivers
TX82652.81Tungsten Recovery From Scrap Iron and Steel by Sulfuric Acid & Drivers
TX82882.24Cattle Dealer & Drivers
TX82882.24Feed Lot Operation & Drivers
TX82882.24Livestock Auction Companies & Drivers
TX82882.24Livestock Feed Lot Operation--Custom Feeding & Drivers
TX82882.24Livestock Sales Co. & Drivers
TX82882.24Sheep Dipping, Vaccinating, and Spraying--By Contract & Drivers
TX82882.24Sheep Shearing by Contract & Drivers
TX82882.24Stockyard & Drivers
TX82921.95Freight Forwarding Warehouse & Drivers
TX82921.95Liquid Storage Terminal--By Contract & Drivers
TX82921.95Oil or Petroleum Products Storage--By Contract & Drivers
TX82921.95Storage Warehouse--Cold & Drivers
TX82921.95Storage Warehouse--NOC & Drivers
TX82921.95Warehousing--Cold Storage & Drivers
TX82921.95Warehousing--NOC & Drivers
TX82934.93Furniture Moving & Storage, Drivers
TX82934.93Household Goods--Packing & Drivers
TX82934.93Moving and Storage--Household Furniture & Drivers
TX82934.93Packing Household Goods & Drivers
TX82934.93Storage Warehouse--Furniture & Drivers
TX82934.93Warehousing--Furniture & Drivers
TX83043.55Grain Elevator Operation & Local Managers, Drivers.
TX83043.55Rice Drying & Drivers
TX83502.69Aircraft Fueling--Ground Operations by Contract & Drivers
TX83502.69Anhydrous Ammonia Dealer & Drivers
TX83502.69Boiler Scaling by Means of Chemicals & Drivers
TX83502.69Butane, Propane, and Other LPG Dealer & Drivers
TX83502.69Chemicals and Solvents Distributing--Bulk & Drivers
TX83502.69Cleaning Fluid Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers
TX83502.69Crude Oil Dealer--Buying and Hauling Crude Oil From Various Leases & Drivers
TX83502.69Gasoline Dealer--Buying and Hauling Crude Oil From Various Lease Gathering Systems & Drivers
TX83502.69Gasoline or Oil Dealer & Drivers
TX83502.69Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealer & Drivers
TX83502.69Oil Collection--Used--From Service Stations for Resale--No Processing & Drivers
TX83502.69Oil or Gasoline Dealer & Drivers
TX83502.69Solvent Distribution--Bulk & Drivers
TX83851.42Automobile Rental Co.--Garage Employees
TX83851.42Bus Co.--Garage Employees
TX83851.42Limousine Co.--Garage Employees
TX83851.42Taxicab Co.--Garage Employees
TX83871.04Automobile Lubrication, Greasing, and Maintenance & Drivers
TX83871.04Automobile Service Station & Drivers
TX83871.04Car Wash--Full Service & Drivers
TX83871.04Gasoline Station--Retail & Drivers
TX83871.04Storage Battery Service Station & Drivers
TX83871.04Tire Testing--Automobile and Truck & Drivers
TX83910.98Aircraft Painting & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Accessory Store--Wholesale or Retail--NOC & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Air Conditioners--Installation & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Body Repair & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Bumper Reconditioning & Plating & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Conversion & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Engine Rebuilders & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Glass Installation & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Inspection Station & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Machine Shop & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Painting & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Paints Dealer & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Parts Store--Wholesale or Retail & Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Repair Shop and Parts Department Employees, Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Sales or Service Agency and Parts Department Employees, Drivers
TX83910.98Automobile Tire Dealer--Retail & Drivers
TX83910.98Boats and Motors--Pleasure Craft--Service & Drivers
TX83910.98Drive Shaft Rebuilding--Automotive & Drivers
TX83910.98Emissions Testing--Automobile & Drivers
TX83910.98Mobile Home--Delivery--By Specialty Contractor--Delivery and Placement & Drivers
TX83910.98Mobile Home--Repair--Shop--By Dealer or Specialty Contractor & Drivers
TX83910.98Mobile Home--Sales--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX83910.98Mobile Home--Windstorm Tie-Down Installation--By Dealer & Drivers
TX83910.98Motorcycle Service & Drivers
TX83910.98Muffler Shop & Drivers
TX83910.98Painting--Aircraft & Drivers
TX83910.98Painting--Automobile or Carriage Bodies & Drivers
TX83910.98Radiator Repair--Automobile & Drivers
TX83910.98Store--Automobile Accessory--Retail--NOC & Drivers
TX83910.98Store--Automobile Parts--Wholesale or Retail & Drivers
TX83910.98Store--Tire--Retail & Drivers
TX90151.35Swimming Pool Operations & Drivers
TX90151.35Trailer Park Operation & Drivers
TX90151.35Valet Parking Service by Contract & Drivers
TX90151.35Warehouse Operation--Mini-Storage & Drivers
TX90161.35Amusement Device Operation NOC--Not Traveling & Drivers
TX90161.35Amusement Park or Exhibition Operation & Drivers
TX90161.35Automobile Race Driver
TX90161.35Automobile Racetrack Operator & Drivers
TX90161.35Boat Racing Driver
TX90161.35Cavern Operations & Drivers
TX90161.35Club--Shooting & Drivers
TX90161.35Dog Racetrack Operator & Drivers
TX90161.35Dog Show--Operation of Facilities & Drivers
TX90161.35Fireworks Exhibition & Drivers
TX90161.35Golf Courses--Miniature--Operation and Maintenance & Drivers
TX90161.35Golf Driving Ranges & Drivers
TX90161.35Horse Racetrack Operator & Drivers
TX90161.35Horse Show--Operation of Facilities & Drivers
TX90161.35Racetrack Operation--Automobile--All Other Employees Including Maintenance and Helpers & Drivers
TX90161.35Racetrack Operation--Dog--All Other Employees Including Maintenance and Helpers & Drivers
TX90161.35Racetrack Operation--Horse--All Other Employees Including Maintenance and Helpers & Drivers
TX90161.35Racetrack Operation--Horse--Starting Gate Crew, Outriders, Paddock Area Supervisors, Jockey Room Employees and Related Duties & Drivers
TX90161.35Shooting Ranges and Galleries & Drivers
TX90161.35Softball Complexes--Private & Drivers
TX90161.35Stock Car Racetrack Operation & Drivers
TX90161.35Taxi--Water--No Restaurant Operations & Drivers
TX90161.35Water Taxi--No Restaurant Operations & Drivers
TX90161.35Zoo Facility Operations & Drivers
TX90191.16Bridge or Vehicular Tunnel Operation & Drivers
TX90191.16Toll Road Operations & Drivers
TX90191.16Tunnel--Vehicular--Or Bridge Operations & Drivers.
TX90322.07Apartment House Operation
TX90331.43Housing Authority & Drivers
TX90401.5Hospices--All Other Employees
TX90401.5Hospital--All Other Employees
TX90521.31Boarding Houses or Rooming Houses & Drivers
TX90521.31Condominiums--With Operations and Employees Similar to Hotels and Motels & Drivers
TX90521.31Hotel--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX90521.31Motel, Motor Court, Tourist Court, or Cabin--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX90521.31Retirement Centers or Villages--Ambulatory Residents--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX90521.31Rooming Houses or Boarding Houses & Drivers
TX90580.86Hotel--Restaurant Employees
TX90580.86Motel, Motor Court, Tourist Court, or Cabin--Restaurant Employees
TX90580.86Retirement Centers or Villages--Ambulatory Residents--Restaurant Employees
TX90600.86Club--Country, Golf, Fishing, or Yacht
TX90600.86Golf Course--City-Operated
TX90600.86Tennis Club
TX90610.64Fraternity or Sorority Houses
TX90630.49Aerobic Studios & Drivers
TX90630.49Exercise or Health Institute & Drivers
TX90630.49Health Clubs & Drivers
TX90630.49Health or Exercise Institute & Drivers
TX90630.49Recreation Centers & Drivers
TX90630.49Senior Citizens Activity Center & Drivers
TX90630.49YMCA and YWCA Institution--All Employees & Drivers
TX90790.68Bar, Night Club, or Tavern
TX90790.68Commissary Work
TX90790.68Concession Stands
TX90790.68Doughnut Shops--Retail
TX90790.68Fast Food Restaurant--Counter Service/Carry Out
TX90790.68Mobile Food Units--Preparation of Food
TX90790.68Night Club, Bar, or Tavern
TX90790.68Racetrack Operation--Automobile--Food Concession Booths
TX90790.68Racetrack Operation--Dog--Food Concession Booths
TX90790.68Racetrack Operation--Horse--Food Concessions
TX90790.68Restaurant NOC
TX90790.68Restaurant--Fast Food
TX90790.68Store--Retail NOC and Food Service
TX90790.68Tavern, Bar, or Night Club
TX90800.49Dance Hall--All Operations
TX90890.22Billiard Hall
TX90930.65Bowling Lane & Drivers
TX90930.65Skating Rink Operation & Drivers
TX91011.69Children's Home--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Church--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69College--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Cosmetology Schools--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Dance Studios--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Day Care Center--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Driver Education Instruction--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Gymnastic Schools--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Halfway Houses--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Job Corps Vocational Training Centers--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Library--Public--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Martial Arts School--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Mental Health and Mental Retardation Residential Group Homes--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Museum or Public Library--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Orphanage--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Public Library or Museum--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69School--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Shelter Operations for Displaced Persons--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Swimming Instruction--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91011.69Vocational Training School--All Other Employees & Drivers
TX91021.63Park NOC--All Employees & Drivers
TX91540.91Bands--Traveling--All Other Employees
TX91540.91Modeling Agencies
TX91540.91Sound Stage Equipment Rental and Installation
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