Virginia Class Code Lookup

StateClass CodeRatingClass Description Run a Class Report!
VA0000Sulphur Refining
VA00052.34Farm--Nursery Employees & Drivers
VA00052.34Farm--Tree Planting--Reforestation & Drivers
VA00081.98Farm: Gardening--Market or Truck--& Drivers
VA00081.98Farm: Vegetable & Drivers
VA00164.61Farm--Orchard or Grove & Drivers
VA00164.61Turpentine Farm & Drivers
VA00342.17Apiary & Drivers
VA00342.17Farm: Poultry or Egg Producer & Drivers
VA00352.24Farm--Florist & Drivers
VA00364.36Farm: Dairy & Drivers.
VA00373.03Farm: Field Crops & Drivers
VA00373.03Farm: NOC & Drivers
VA00424.66Landscape Gardening & Drivers.
VA00504.25Brush or Weed Control by Contractor--Chemical & Drivers
VA00504.25Farm Machinery Operation--By Contractor & Drivers.
VA00504.25Hay Baling & Drivers
VA00793.12Farm--Berry or Vineyard & Drivers
VA00834.48Artificial Insemination of Cattle: All Other Employees & Drivers
VA00834.48Farm: Cattle or Livestock Raising NOC & Drivers
VA00834.48Farm: Goat Raising & Drivers
VA00834.48Farm: Sheep Raising & Drivers
VA01068.6Christmas Tree: Harvesting Exclusively & Drivers
VA01068.6Clearing of Right-of-Way--Electric, Power, Telephone, Burglar, or Fire Alarm Lines: Tree Pruning, Trimming, or Spraying--Existing Right-of-Way--All Operations & Drivers
VA01068.6Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repairing, & Drivers
VA01132.97Farm: Fish Hatchery & Drivers
VA01702.08Farm: Animal Raising & Drivers
VA02512.7Irrigation Works Operation & Drivers.
VA0401Cotton Gin Operation & Local Managers, Drivers.
VA0908107Domestic Workers--Residences--Part-Time
VA0913383Domestic Workers--Residences--Full-Time
VA09173.08Pet Sitting Services & Drivers
VA09173.08Residential Cleaning Services by Contractor--Inside
VA100520.4Coal Mining--Surface & Drivers.
VA101638.36Coal Mining--NOC.
VA11643.34Mining NOC--Not Coal--Underground & Drivers.
VA11652Mining NOC--Not Coal--Surface & Drivers.
VA13202.36Gas or Oil Lease Operator--Natural Gas--All Operations & Drivers
VA13202.36Oil or Gas Lease Operator--All Operations & Drivers
VA13226.14Oil or Gas Well--Cleaning or Swabbing of Wells--By Specialist Contractor--No Drilling & Drivers
VA1430Lead Mfg. & Drivers
VA1430Smelting, Sintering or Refining--Lead--& Drivers
VA14383.06Blast Furnace Operation & Drivers
VA14383.06Calcium Carbide Mfg. & Drivers
VA14383.06Magnesium Metal Mfg.--All Operations & Drivers
VA14383.06Smelting, Sintering or Refining--Metals--Not Iron or Lead--NOC & Drivers
VA14383.06Smelting--Electric Process & Drivers
VA14521.49Graphite Mfg.--Not Artificial--& Drivers
VA14521.49Ore Milling & Drivers.
VA14635.27Asphalt Works Operated by Paving Contractors--Permanent Location & Drivers.
VA14635.27Coal Billet or Briquet Mfg. & Drivers
VA14721.98Alcohol Mfg.--Wood--& Drivers
VA14721.98Charcoal Mfg. & Drivers
VA14721.98Coke Mfg. & Drivers
VA14721.98Creosote Mfg. & Drivers
VA14721.98Distillation--Wood--& Drivers.
VA16242.48Quarry NOC & Drivers.
VA16242.48Roof Slate Mfg. or Slate Splitting & Drivers
VA16242.48Slag Digging and Crushing & Drivers
VA1642Lime Mfg.
VA1642Lime Mfg.--Quarry--Surface
VA16544.67Quarry--Cement Rock--Surface--& Drivers.
VA16992.1Rock Wool Mfg.
VA17012.04Cement Mfg.
VA17012.04Plaster Mill
VA17102.94Stone Crushing & Drivers.
VA17411.75Flint or Spar Grinding & Drivers.
VA17411.75Silica Grinding & Drivers
VA17472.23Clay Milling & Drivers
VA17472.23Emery Works & Drivers.
VA17472.23Talc Mill & Drivers
VA17483.32Abrasive Wheel Mfg. & Drivers.
VA18035.59Flint Grinding & Drivers, Silica Grinding & Drivers, Spar Grinding & Drivers
VA18035.59Hone or Oil Stone Mfg. & Drivers
VA18035.59Oil or Hone Stone Mfg. & Drivers
VA18035.59Slate Milling & Drivers
VA18035.59Soapstone or Soapstone Products Mfg. & Drivers
VA18035.59Stone Cutting or Polishing NOC & Drivers
VA1853Mica Goods Mfg. & Mica Preparing.
VA1924Wire Drawing or Cable Mfg.--Not Iron or Steel
VA19252.2Die Casting Mfg.
VA20021.8Pasta or Noodle Mfg.
VA20032.46Bakery--Salespersons & Drivers
VA20142.37Grain or Feed Milling
VA20161.84Cereal or Bar Mfg.
VA20211.5Sugar Manufacturing or Refining From Sugar Cane or Sugar Beets
VA20391.78Ice Cream Mfg. & Drivers
VA20411.74Candy, Chocolate, and Confection Mfg.
VA20651.7Condensed Milk Mfg.
VA20651.7Malted Milk Mfg.
VA20651.7Milk Products Mfg. NOC
VA20703.01Butter or Cheese Mfg. & Route Supervisors, Drivers
VA20703.01Creamery or Dairy & Route Supervisors, Drivers.
VA20703.01Milk Bottle Exchange--All Employees & Drivers
VA20703.01Milk Depot or Milk Dealer & Route Supervisors, Drivers
VA20812.6Stockyard and Butchering
VA20891.67Packing House--All Operations.
VA20952.4Fish Curing
VA20952.4Meat Products Mfg. NOC
VA20952.4Sausage or Sausage Casing Mfg.
VA21052.12Fruit Packing.
VA21101.5Pickle Mfg.
VA21111.88Cannery NOC.
VA21122.3Fruit Evaporating or Preserving.
VA21141.89Clam Digging
VA21141.89Oyster Processing.
VA21210.67Brewery & Drivers.
VA21210.67Malt House & Drivers.
VA21302.52Alcohol Mfg.--Grain--All Operations.
VA21302.52Spirituous Liquor Distillery.
VA21312.4Spirituous Liquor Bottling.
VA21431.98Fruit Juice Mfg. & Drivers
VA21431.98Winery & Drivers
VA21573.01Bottling All Operations & Route Supervisors, Drivers.
VA21573.01Carbonated Beverage Mfg. NOC & Route Supervisors, Drivers
VA21721.17Tobacco Products Mfg. NOC
VA21742.08Tobacco Rehandling or Warehousing
VA2211Cotton Batting, Wadding or Waste Mfg.
VA2211Shoddy Mfg.
VA2211Wool Combing or Scouring
VA22201.03Carpet or Rug Mfg.--Jute or Hemp
VA22201.03Cord or Twine Mfg.--Cotton
VA22201.03Cordage, Rope or Twine Mfg. NOC
VA22201.03Cotton Spinning and Weaving
VA22201.03Flax Spinning and Weaving
VA22201.03Hemp Spinning and Weaving
VA22201.03Jute Spinning and Weaving
VA22201.03Linen Cloth Mfg.
VA22201.03Rope Mfg. NOC
VA22201.03Rug Mfg.--Jute or Hemp
VA22201.03Thread Mfg.--Cotton
VA22201.03Twine Mfg. NOC
VA22201.03Twine Mfg.--Cotton
VA22201.03Yarn or Thread Mfg.--Cotton
VA2286Wool Spinning and Weaving
VA2286Yarn Mfg.--Wool
VA2288Felting Mfg.
VA23021.29Silk Thread or Yarn Mfg.
VA23021.29Silk Throwing and Weaving
VA23021.29Thread Mfg.--Silk
VA23021.29Yarn Mfg.--Silk
VA23051.1Rayon Mfg.
VA23051.1Textile Fiber Mfg.--Synthetic.
VA23611.39Hosiery Mfg.
VA23620.93Glove or Mitten Mfg.--Knit
VA23620.93Knit Goods Mfg. NOC.
VA23801.61Braid or Fringe Mfg.
VA23801.61Net Mfg.
VA23801.61Webbing Mfg.
VA23881.33Embroidery Mfg.
VA24022.06Carpet or Rug Mfg. NOC
VA24131.3Cloth Printing--Silk Screen Process--Machinery Operations
VA24131.3Textile--Bleaching, Dyeing, Mercerizing, Finishing
VA24161.34Thread Dyeing or Finishing
VA24161.34Yarn Dyeing or Finishing.
VA24170.84Cloth Printing
VA25011.55Cloth Printing--Silk Screen Process--Hand Printing
VA25011.55Clothing Manufacturing
VA25011.55Collar Mfg.
VA25011.55Cushion, Pillow, or Quilt Mfg.
VA25011.55Doll Clothing or Cloth Dolls or Cloth Parts Mfg.
VA25011.55Draperies or Curtains Mfg.--From Cloth, Paper, or Plastic--Cutting and Sewing
VA25011.55Feather Pillow Mfg.
VA25011.55Fur Clothing Mfg.
VA25011.55Furnishing Goods Mfg. NOC
VA25011.55Hat Mfg.
VA25011.55Hat Mfg.--Other Than Straw or Cloth NOC--Includes Blowing, Starting or Forming of Felt Hat Shapes. Hatter's Fur Mfg. to Be Separately Rated as 2623
VA25011.55Hat Mfg.--Other Than Straw or Cloth NOC--No Blowing, Starting or Forming of Felt Hat Shapes. No Hatter's Fur Mfg.
VA25011.55Hat Mfg.--Straw
VA25011.55Lingerie Mfg.
VA25011.55Millinery Mfg.
VA25011.55Shirt Mfg.
VA25011.55Sign Manufacturing--Silk Screen Printing--Cloth
VA25011.55Suspender Mfg.
VA25011.55Toy Mfg.--Cloth Stuffed Animals or Toys
VA25011.55Umbrella Mfg.
VA25011.55Window--Shade Mfg.
VA25030.79Dressmaking or Tailoring--Custom Exclusively.
VA2534Feather or Flower Mfg.--Artificial
VA2534Hair Goods Mfg.
VA25701.91Mattress or Box Spring Mfg.
VA25761.29Awning or Tent Mfg.--Shop
VA25761.29Bag or Sack Mfg.--Cloth.
VA25761.29Bag Renovating
VA25761.29Sail Making
VA25852.79Carpet Cleaning & Drivers
VA25852.79Diaper Service & Route Supervisors, Drivers
VA25852.79Laundry NOC & Route Supervisors, Drivers.
VA25852.79Rug Cleaning & Drivers
VA25852.79Upholstery Cleaning & Drivers
VA25861.5Cleaning or Dyeing & Route Supervisors, Drivers.
VA25871.68Towel or Toilet Supply Co. & Route Supervisors, Drivers.
VA25891.3Laundry and Dry Cleaning Store--Retail--& Route Supervisors, Drivers.
VA2600Fur Processing--Preparing Skins
VA2623Leather Mfg.--Including Tanning, Leather Embossing, and Wool Pulling
VA26510.76Shoe Findings Mfg.
VA26510.76Shoe Stock Mfg.
VA26601.27Boot or Shoe Mfg. NOC
VA2670Glove Mfg.--Leather or Textile.
VA26831.07Luggage Mfg.
VA26881.8Leather Belting Mfg.
VA26881.8Leather Goods Mfg. NOC
VA26881.8Pocketbook Mfg.
VA270110.12Logging or Tree Removal--Log Hauling & Drivers
VA270213.87Brush or Timber Cutting and Removal & Drivers
VA270213.87Dam or Lock Construction--Timber Cutting and Removal & Drivers
VA270213.87Logging or Tree Removal--Nonmechanized Operations
VA270213.87Tree Removal--For New Right-of-Way--Electric, Power, Telephone, Burglar, or Fire Alarm Lines
VA27109.13Shingle Mfg.--Wood.
VA27143.11Veneer Mfg.
VA2725Logging or Lumbering: Mechanized Equipment Operations & Drivers
VA2725Logging or Tree Removal--Mechanized Equipment Operations
VA27313.24Planing or Molding Mill.
VA27353.79Barrel Stock Mfg.
VA27353.79Cooperage Stock Mfg.
VA27353.79Furniture Stock Mfg.
VA27353.79Last Block Mfg.
VA27353.79Pencil Stock Mfg.--Wood
VA2740Stave Mfg.
VA27594.66Pallet, Box or Box Shook Mfg. Wooden
VA27901.01Last or Shoe Form Mfg.
VA27901.01Pattern Making NOC.
VA27901.01Wood Carving--By Hand or Machine.
VA27974.21Manufactured, Modular, or Prefabricated Home Manufacturing--Shop Work--All Operations & Drivers
VA27993.58Manufactured, Modular, or Prefabricated Home Setup, Hookup, or Installation at Building Site
VA28022.45Carpentry--Shop Only--& Drivers
VA2835Brush or Broom Assembly.
VA2836Brush or Broom Mfg. NOC.
VA28412.65Brush or Broom Handle Mfg.
VA28412.65Cork Products Mfg. NOC
VA28412.65Pipe Mfg.--Wooden, Tobacco
VA28412.65Shade Roller Mfg.--Wood
VA28412.65Shuttle Mfg.
VA28412.65Toy Mfg.--Wood
VA28412.65Window--Shade Roller Mfg.
VA28412.65Wood Turned Products Mfg. NOC
VA28412.65Woodenware Manufacturing NOC
VA28812.14Barrel or Cooperage Assembly
VA28812.14Casket Mfg. or Assembly--Wood
VA28812.14Coffin Mfg. or Assembly--Wood
VA28812.14Furniture Manufacturing and Cabinet Shop--Assembly by Hand--Wood
VA28812.14Picture Frame Assembling--No Manufacturing of Parts
VA28812.14Venetian Blind Assembly
VA28832.05Furniture Manufacturing and Cabinet Shop--Wood--NOC
VA2915Plywood Mfg.
VA2915Veneer Products Mfg.
VA29162.61Plywood Mfg.: No Veneer Mfg.
VA29162.61Veneer Products Mfg.--No Veneer Mfg.
VA29231.49Musical Instrument Mfg.--Wood--NOC
VA29231.49Organ Building & Installation
VA29231.49Piano Mfg.
VA29602.91Tie, Post or Pole Yard & Drivers
VA29602.91Wood Preserving & Drivers.
VA30041.53Iron or Steel: Manufacturing: Steelmaking--& Drivers.
VA30181.67Iron or Steel: Manufacturing: Rolling Mill & Drivers.
VA30222.28Pipe or Tube Mfg. NOC & Drivers
VA3027Lead Works & Drivers
VA3027Pipe or Tube Mfg.--Lead & Drivers
VA3027Rolling Mill NOC & Drivers.
VA30281.76Pipe or Tube Mfg.--Iron or Steel--& Drivers.
VA30303.99Iron or Steel: Fabrication: Iron or Steel Works--Shop--Structural--& Drivers.
VA30404.3Iron or Steel: Fabrication: Iron Works--Shop--Ornamental--& Drivers.
VA30413.49Iron or Steel: Fabrication: Iron Works--Shop--Decorative or Artistic--Foundries & Drivers.
VA30422.52Elevator or Escalator Mfg.
VA30642.85Sign Manufacturing--Metal.
VA30642.85Sign Manufacturing--Neon
VA30642.85Sign Manufacturing--Silk Screen Printing--Metal
VA3066Sheet Metal Work--Shop
VA30761.95Airplane: Subassemblies Mfg.--Metal
VA30761.95Awning Mfg.--Metal
VA30761.95Awning Mfg.--Metal--Mfg. of Canvas Products or Mfg. of Metal Awnings Exclusively
VA30761.95Jalousie or Jalousie Screen--Mfg.
VA30761.95Refrigerator Mfg.--Metal--Domestic or Commercial--All Other Operations
VA30761.95Sheet Metal Products Mfg.
VA30761.95Soda Water Fountain or Apparatus Mfg.
VA30813.62Enameled Ironware Mfg.
VA30821.89Car Wheel Mfg.--Railroad.
VA30821.89Foundry--Steel Castings
VA31102.55Chain Mfg.--Forged
VA31102.55Forging Work--Drop or Machine.
VA31102.55Tool Mfg.--Drop or Machine Forged--NOC: Forging
VA31111.49Pipe Bending and Cutting
VA31131Tool Mfg.--Not Drop or Machine Forged--NOC
VA3114Tool Mfg.--Drop or Machine Forged--NOC: Machining or Finishing of Tools or Die Making Operations
VA31181.1File Mfg
VA31181.1Saw Mfg.
VA3119Needle Mfg.
VA3119Pen Point Mfg.
VA31221.21Cutlery Mfg. NOC
VA31221.21Razor Mfg. NOC.
VA31260.86Tool Mfg.--Agricultural, Construction, Logging, Mining, Oil or Artesian Well
VA31311.17Button or Fastener Mfg.--Metal
VA31311.17Zipper Mfg.
VA31321.68Nut or Bolt Mfg.
VA31321.68Spike Mfg.
VA3145Automatic Screw Machine Products Mfg.
VA3145Screw Mfg.
VA31461.02Hardware Mfg. NOC
VA31461.02Horseshoe Mfg.
VA31461.02Skate Mfg.
VA31691.85Radiator or Heater Mfg.
VA31691.85Stove Mfg.
VA31791.25Electrical Apparatus Mfg. NOC.
VA31791.25Refrigerator Mfg.--Metal--Domestic or Commercial
VA31801.51Electric or Gas Lighting Fixtures Mfg.
VA31801.51Lamp or Portable Lantern Mg.
VA31881.52Plumbers' Supplies Mfg. NOC.
VA32201.25Can Mfg.
VA3224Agate Ware Mfg.
VA3224Enamel Ware Mfg.
VA32271.81Aluminum Ware Mfg.
VA3240Wire Rope or Cable Mfg.--Iron or Steel.
VA3241Wire Drawing--Iron or Steel.
VA3255Wire Cloth Mfg.
VA32571.79Chain Mfg.: Formed or Welded
VA32571.79Fence Mfg.--Wire.
VA32571.79Wire Goods Mfg. NOC
VA32702.34Eyelet Mfg.
VA32702.34Nail Mfg.
VA32702.34Pin Mfg.
VA32702.34Razor Mfg.--Safety
VA32702.34Tack Mfg.
VA3300Bed Spring or Wire Mattress Mfg.
VA3303Spring Mfg.
VA33153.1Brass or Copper Goods Mfg.
VA33153.1Explosives or Ammunition Mfg.: Cartridge or Shell Case Mfg.--Metal
VA3334Tin Foil Mfg.
VA33361.53Castings Mfg.--Metal--Lost Wax Process.
VA33361.53Type Foundry
VA33654.57Welding or Cutting NOC & Drivers
VA33722.17Metal: Finishing
VA33734.54Galvanizing or Tinning--Not Electrolytic.
VA33831.12Gold Leaf Mfg.
VA33831.12Jewelry Mfg.
VA33831.12Musical Instrument Mfg.--Metal--NOC
VA33831.12Silverware Mfg.
VA33831.12Watchcase Mfg.
VA33850.59Clock Mfg.
VA33850.59Watch Mfg.
VA34002.46Metal Stamped Goods Mfg. NOC
VA34002.46Metal Stamping Mfg. NOC
VA35072.6Construction or Agricultural Machinery Mfg.
VA35072.6Cotton Gin Machine Mfg.
VA35072.6Dredge, Steam Shovel or Construction Machinery Mfg. NOC
VA35072.6Locomotive Works
VA35072.6Mining or Ore Milling Machinery Mfg.
VA35072.6Power Plow or Traction Engine Mfg.
VA35072.6Road or Street Making Machinery Mfg.
VA35072.6Safe Mfg. or Repairing
VA35072.6Tractor Mfg.--Caterpillar Type
VA35151.74Loom Harness or Reed Mfg
VA35151.74Textile Machinery Mfg.
VA35480.77Arms Mfg. NOC
VA35480.77Printing or Bookbinding Machine Mfg.
VA35591.54Confection Machine Mfg.
VA35740.57Air Pressure or Steam Gauge Mfg.
VA35740.57Arms Mfg.--Small
VA35740.57Cash Register Mfg.
VA35740.57Computing, Recording or Office Machine Mfg. NOC
VA35740.57Explosives or Ammunition Mfg.: Cartridge Mfg. or Assembly--Small Arms
VA35740.57Gas Meter Mfg.
VA35740.57Sewing Machine Mfg
VA35740.57Sewing Machines--Commercial: Repairing and Rebuilding Sewing Machines, Cutters, and Parts in Shop
VA35740.57Slot Machine Mfg.
VA35740.57Speedometer or Taximeter Mfg.
VA35740.57Typewriter Mfg.
VA35810.54Fuel Injection Device Mfg.
VA36121.15Engine Mfg. NOC
VA36121.15Pump Mfg.
VA36203.3Military Tank Hull Mfg. or Assembly
VA36203.3Tank Building--Metal--Shop.
VA36291.03Additive Manufacturing NOC--No Assembly
VA36291.03Machined Parts Mfg. NOC
VA36321.92Automotive--Machine Shop
VA36321.92Explosives or Ammunition Mfg.--Projectile or Shell Mfg.
VA36321.92Machine Shop NOC
VA36321.92Tool Sharpening--Industrial Tools--Shop Only
VA36340.96Automatic Sprinkler Head Mfg.
VA36340.96Sprinkler Head Mfg.
VA36340.96Valve Mfg.
VA36340.96Water Meter Mfg.
VA3635Gear Mfg. or Grinding.
VA36381.36Ball or Roller Bearing Mfg.
VA36420.86Battery Mfg.--Dry
VA36431.37Electric Power or Transmission Equipment Mfg.
VA36431.37Sewing Machines--Commercial: Repairing and Rebuilding Electric Motors.
VA36472.77Battery Mfg.--Storage
VA36481.08Automotive Lighting, Ignition or Starting Apparatus Mfg. NOC
VA36810.44Electrical Cord Set, Radio or Ignition Harness Assembly.
VA36810.44Television, Radio, Telephone or Telecommunication Device Mfg. NOC
VA37191.11Oil Still Erection or Repair
VA37242.99Door--Installation--Overhead & Drivers
VA37242.99Electrical Apparatus Installation or Repair & Drivers
VA37242.99Floodlights--Erection of Temporary Floodlights & Drivers
VA37242.99Gas or Oil--Burner Installation NOC & Drivers
VA37242.99Machinery or Equipment Erection or Repair NOC & Drivers.
VA37242.99Millwright Work NOC & Drivers
VA37242.99Pump Installation--NOC & Drivers
VA37242.99Refrigeration--Commercial--Installation or Repair of Compressors, Motors, or Other Machinery & Drivers
VA37242.99Satellite Dish Installation--Applies to Ground or Roof Mounted Installations--Erection of Dish and Auxiliary Equipment & Drivers
VA37242.99Scales--Installation or Adjustment--Platform or Beam Type & Drivers
VA37242.99Sewing Machines--Commercial--Repairing, Installing, and Dismantling in Sewing Plants & Drivers
VA37242.99Tank--Installation--Gasoline Service Stations & Drivers
VA37262.31Boiler Installation or Repair--Steam.
VA37262.31Boiler Scaling
VA37262.31Cleaning: Tanks or Tank Cars
VA37262.31Tank Erection or Repair--Metal--Within Buildings Exclusively
VA3803Automobile Wheel Mfg.--Metal--Not Cast
VA38071.36Automobile Radiator Mfg.
VA38082.73Automobile Mfg. or Assembly
VA38082.73Carriage or Wagon Mfg. Or Assembly
VA38214.71Automobile Recycling & Drivers
VA38221.91Automobile, Bus, Truck, or Trailer Body Mfg.--Die-Pressed Steel
VA38242.79Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg.--NOC
VA38260.51Aircraft Engine Mfg.
VA38271.67Automobile Engine Mfg.
VA38511.69Motorcycle Mfg. or Assembly
VA38651.09Baby Carriage Mfg.
VA38651.09Bicycle Mfg. Or Assembly.
VA38813.3Car Mfg.--Railroad--& Drivers
VA40003.56Clay or Shale Digging & Drivers
VA40003.56Sand or Gravel Digging & Drivers.
VA40213.99Brick or Clay Products Mfg. NOC & Drivers.
VA40213.99Earthenware or Tile Mfg. NOC & Drivers
VA4024Brick Mfg. Fire or Enameled--& Drivers
VA4024Refractory Products Mfg. & Drivers.
VA40343.49Concrete Products Mfg. & Drivers.
VA40361.44Plaster Mixing & Drivers
VA40361.44Plasterboard or Plaster Block Mfg. & Drivers.
VA40361.44Staff Mixing & Drivers
VA40381.81Dress Form Mfg.
VA40381.81Plaster Statuary or Ornament Mfg.
VA40621.28Pottery Mfg.--China or Tableware
VA40621.28Pottery Mfg.--Earthenware--Glazed or Porcelain--Hand Molded or Cast
VA40621.28Pottery Mfg.--Porcelain Ware--Mechanical Press Forming
VA40621.28Terra-Cotta Mfg.
VA41012.38Glass Mfg.--& Drivers.
VA41012.38Glass Mfg.--Blown Sheet Window--& Drivers
VA41012.38Glass Mfg.--Polished Plate--& Drivers
VA41012.38Glass Mfg.--Rolled--& Drivers
VA41090.28Integrated Circuit Mfg.
VA41100.86Electric Bulb Mfg.
VA41100.86Fiber Optic Cable Mfg.
VA41111.5Glass Mfg.--Cut.
VA41111.5Glassware Mfg.--No Automatic Blowing Machines.
VA41141.79Glassware Mfg. NOC
VA41302.27Glass Merchant.
VA4131Mirror Mfg.
VA41331.67Cathedral or Art Glass Window Mfg.
VA41331.67Glass Window Mfg.--Stained
VA41490.34Optical Goods Mfg. NOC
VA42061.59Pulp Mfg.--Ground Wood Process.
VA42071.02Pulp Mfg.--Chemical Process.
VA42391.51Paper Mfg.
VA42391.51Particleboard Mfg.
VA4240Box Mfg.--Set-Up Paper.
VA42432.08Box Mfg.--Folding Paper--NOC.
VA42441.64Corrugated or Fiberboard Container Mfg.
VA42501.03Paper Coating.
VA42501.03Paper Corrugating or Laminating
VA42501.03Paper Crepeing
VA42501.03Paper Oiling, Paraffining, Parchmentizing or Waxing
VA42512.01Carbon Paper or Typewriter Ribbon Mfg.
VA42512.01Inked Ribbon Preparation
VA42512.01Loose Leaf Ledger or Notebook Mfg.
VA42512.01Stationery Mfg.
VA42631.49Fiber Goods Mfg.
VA42731.67Bag Mfg.--Plastic or Paper.
VA42791.81Abrasive Paper or Cloth Preparation
VA42791.81Boot or Shoe Pattern Mfg.
VA42791.81Dress Pattern Mfg.--Paper
VA42791.81Match Mfg.
VA42791.81Music Roll Mfg.--Perforated Paper
VA42791.81Paper Goods Mfg. NOC.
VA42791.81Wallpaper Mfg.
VA4283Building or Roofing Paper or Felt Preparation--No Installation.
VA43042.2Newspaper Publishing.
VA43521.05China Decorating--By Hand.
VA43600.88Duplication and Replication Service of Prerecorded Audio, Video or Data
VA43600.88Motion Picture: Development of Negatives, Printing and All Subsequent Operations
VA44102.36Boot or Shoe Mfg.--Rubber
VA44102.36Rubber Goods Mfg. NOC
VA44102.36Rubber Reclaiming.
VA44203.59Rubber Tire Mfg.
VA4431Magnetic and Optical Recording Media Mfg.
VA4431Phonograph Record Mfg.
VA4432Crayon Mfg.
VA4432Pen Mfg.
VA4432Pencil Mfg.--Mechanical
VA44521.95Bone or Ivory Goods Mfg.
VA44521.95Fabricated Products Mfg.
VA44521.95Horn Goods Mfg.
VA44521.95Plastics Mfg.: Fabricated Products NOC.
VA44591.84Plastics Mfg.: Sheets, Rods, or Tubes.
VA44591.84Pyroxylin Mfg.
VA44702.55Cable Mfg.--Insulated Electrical.
VA44702.55Wire Insulating or Covering
VA44841.51Button Mfg. NOC
VA44841.51Doll or Doll Parts Mfg. or Assembly
VA44841.51Plastics Manufacturing: Molded Products NOC.
VA4493Fabric Coating or Impregnating NOC.
VA4493Leather Mfg.--Imitation
VA4493Linoleum Mfg.
VA4493Oil Cloth Mfg.
VA45110.36Analytical Laboratories or Assaying--Including Laboratory, Outside Employees, Collectors of Samples, & Drivers
VA45571.27Buffing or Polishing Compounds Mfg.
VA45571.27Candle Mfg.
VA45571.27Dressing or Polish Mfg.
VA45571.27Grease or Oil Mixing or Blending
VA45571.27Ink (writing), Mucilage or Paste Mfg.
VA45571.27Ink Mfg.
VA45571.27Ink Mfg.--Printing
VA45571.27Mucilage or Paste Mfg.
VA45571.27Wax Mfg.
VA45571.27Wax Products Mfg.
VA45580.94Color Grinding, Blending or Testing
VA45580.94Lacquer or Varnish Manufacturing
VA45580.94Paint Mfg.
VA45580.94Whiting Mfg.
VA45681.28Salt, Borax or Potash Producing or Refining & Drivers.
VA4581Phosphate Works & Drivers.
VA45833.16Fertilizer Mfg. & Drivers
VA46110.6Cosmetics Mfg.
VA46110.6Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparation, Compounding or Blending--No Mfg. of Ingredients.
VA46352.4Acetylene Gas Mfg. & Drivers
VA46352.4Carbonic Acid Gas Mfg. & Drivers
VA46352.4Oxygen or Hydrogen Mfg. & Drivers.
VA46530.87Glue Mfg. & Drivers.
VA46653.73Rendering Works NOC & Drivers.
VA4670Cottonseed Oil Mfg.--Mechanical & Drivers.
VA4670Cottonseed Oil Mfg.--Solvent & Drivers
VA46831.98Cottonseed Oil Refining
VA46831.98Lard Refining
VA46831.98Oil Mfg.--Vegetable--NOC
VA4686Oil Mfg.--Vegetable--Solvent Extraction Process.
VA46920.33Dental Laboratory
VA46930.49Pharmaceutical or Surgical Goods Mfg. NOC
VA4703Corn Products Mfg.
VA4703Dextrine Mfg.
VA4703Starch Mfg.
VA4717Butter Substitute Mfg.
VA47201.66Soap or Synthetic Detergent Mfg.
VA47400.68Gasoline Recovery & Drivers
VA47400.68Oil Refining--Petroleum--& Drivers.
VA47411.52Asphalt or Tar Distilling or Refining & Drivers.
VA47511.13Synthetic Rubber Mfg.
VA47711.74Explosives or Ammunition Mfg--NOC & Drivers
VA47772.78Blasting Agents--Preparation or Distribution & Drivers
VA47772.78Explosives Distributors & Drivers.
VA48250.91Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparation Mfg.--Includes Mfg. of Ingredients.
VA48250.91Essential Oils Mfg. & Distillation
VA48250.91Extract Mfg.
VA48250.91Extract Mfg.--Dyewood, Licorice or Tanning
VA48250.91Extract Mfg.--Perfumery, Medicinal or Flavoring
VA48250.91Licorice Extract Mfg.
VA48281.19Chemical Blending or Mixing NOC--All Operations and Drivers.
VA48290.92Acid Mfg.
VA48290.92Ammonia Mfg.
VA48290.92Ammonium Nitrate Mfg.
VA48290.92Chemical Mfg. NOC--All Operations & Drivers--Includes Blending or Mixing.
VA48290.92Synthetic Rubber: Intermediate Mfg.
VA48290.92Vitriol Mfg.
VA49021.5Fishing Rod and Tackle Mfg.
VA49021.5Golf--Clubs--Mfg. or Assembling
VA49021.5Harness or Saddle Mfg.
VA49021.5Sporting Goods Mfg. NOC
VA49021.5Whip Mfg.
VA49230.49Photographic Supplies Mfg.
VA50205.79Ceiling Installation--Suspended Acoustical Grid Type.
VA50225.87Construction--Elevator or Hod Hoist Installation, Repair or Removal & Drivers--Masonry Buildings or Structures
VA50225.87Fireplace Construction
VA50225.87Masonry NOC
VA50225.87Plastering or Stucco Work--On Outside of Buildings
VA50225.87Silo Erection: Masonry or Tile
VA50225.87Wrecking--Buildings or Structures--Not Marine--All Operations--Masonry Buildings or Structures
VA503715.62Painting: Metal Bridges & Shop Operations, Drivers.
VA503715.62Painting: Metal Structures--Over Two Stories in Height--& Drivers.
VA50407.25Iron or Steel: Erection--Frame Structures
VA50407.25Iron or Steel: Erection--Iron--Exterior
VA50407.25Iron or Steel: Erection--Metal Bridges
VA50407.25Iron or Steel: Erection--Radio, Television or Water Towers, Smokestacks or Gas Holders.
VA50573.64Construction--Elevator or Hod Hoist Installation, Repair or Removal & Drivers--Iron or Steel Buildings or Structures
VA50573.64Iron or Steel: Erection NOC
VA50573.64Oil Rig or Derrick Erecting or Dismantling--All Operations--Metal
VA50573.64Scaffolding--Concrete or Cement Distributing Towers Installation, Repair or Removal
VA50573.64Scaffolding--Scaffold Installation, Repair or Removal--Built Up From the Ground--Not Suspended or Swinging Type
VA50573.64Vault Construction or Installation
VA50573.64Wrecking--Building or Structures--Not Marine--All Operations--Iron or Steel Buildings or Structures
VA505920.84Iron or Steel: Erection--Frame Structures Not Over Two Stories in Height.
VA506916.69Iron or Steel--Erection--Construction of Dwellings Not Over Two Stories in Height
VA506916.69Military Reservation Construction--Iron or Steel Erection--Not Over Two Stories in Height
VA51024.03Awning, Tent, or Canvas Goods Installation, Removal, or Repair
VA51024.03Door and Window Installation--All Types--Residential and Commercial
VA51024.03Draperies or Curtains: Installation in Public Buildings NOC, Iron or Steel: Door or Sash Erection--Metal
VA51024.03Iron or Steel: Iron, Brass or Bronze Erection--Decorative or Artistic
VA51024.03Iron or Steel: Iron, Brass or Bronze Erection--Non-Structural--Interior
VA51463.28Furniture or Fixtures Installation--Portable--NOC.
VA51463.28Modular Partition or Workstation Installation: Partition Installation--Metal.
VA51602.39Elevator Erection or Repair
VA51832.9Boiler or Steam Pipe Insulating & Drivers
VA51832.9Carrier System--Pneumatic--Installation or Repair & Drivers
VA51832.9Gas or Oil--Burner Installation--Domestic & Drivers
VA51832.9Insulation--Steam Pipe or Boiler & Drivers
VA51832.9Lawn--Sprinkler System Installation--Underground & Drivers
VA51832.9Plumbing NOC & Drivers.
VA51832.9Pump Installation--Domestic & Drivers
VA51832.9Refrigeration--Commercial--Pipe Fitting Including the Installation of Tubing & Drivers
VA51832.9Refrigeration--Domestic--Pipe Fitting Including the Installation of Tubing & Drivers
VA51832.9Sewer--Cleaning of Building Connections Using Portable Equipment & Drivers.
VA51882.97Automatic Sprinkler Installation & Drivers
VA51882.97Sprinkler Installation & Drivers
VA51901.96Cable Installation & Drivers
VA51901.96Electrical Wiring--Within Buildings & Drivers.
VA51901.96Refrigeration--Commercial--Cleaning, Oiling, or Adjusting & Drivers
VA51901.96Satellite Dish Installation--Applies to Ground or Roof Mounted Installations--Auxiliary Wiring Within Buildings & Drivers
VA51901.96Sewing Machines--Commercial--Electrical Wiring--Away From Shop & Drivers.
VA51910.59Computer Device Installation, Inspection, Service or Repair
VA51910.59Office Machine Installation, Inspection, Adjustment or Repair
VA51910.59Piano Tuning--Away From Shop
VA51910.59Scales: Counter Type--Installation or Adjustment
VA51910.59X-Ray Equipment--Installation, Service & Repair
VA51922.49Coffee: Service Companies--All Operations & Salespersons, Drivers
VA51922.49Parking Meter Installation, Service, or Repair & Salespersons, Drivers
VA51922.49Pinball Machine--Installation, Service, or Repair & Salespersons, Drivers
VA51922.49Scales--Installation or Adjustment: Coin Operated Type & Salespersons, Drivers
VA51922.49Vending or Coin Operated Machines--Installation, Service or Repair & Salespersons, Drivers.
VA51922.49Video Game--Installation, Service, or Repair & Salespersons, Drivers
VA52134.9Cleaning or Renovating Building Exteriors
VA52134.9Concrete Construction NOC
VA52134.9Concrete Construction--Private Residences--Monolithic
VA52134.9Construction--Elevator or Hod Hoist Installation, Repair or Removal & Drivers--Concrete or Concrete Encased Buildings or Structures
VA52134.9Dam or Lock Construction--Concrete Work--All Operations
VA52134.9Guniting--Not Chimneys--All Operations
VA52134.9Satellite Dish Installation--Applies to Ground or Roof-Mounted Installations: Installation of Concrete Mounting Pad
VA52134.9Silo Erection--Concrete
VA52134.9Silo Erection--Pre-Cast Concrete Staves
VA52134.9Wrecking--Buildings or Structures--Not Marine--All Operations--Concrete or Concrete-Encased Buildings or Structures
VA52154.29Concrete Work--Incidental to the Construction of Private Residence
VA52154.29Military Reservation Construction--Concrete Construction--Not Monolithic Concrete Building Construction
VA52213.5Concrete or Cement Work--Floors, Driveways, Yards or Sidewalks & Drivers
VA52213.5Monuments--Cemetery--Erection Exclusively & Drivers
VA52213.5Paving or Repaving--Floors, Driveways, Yards or Sidewalks & Drivers
VA52213.5Stone and Brick Paver Installation--Outside
VA52225.97Chimney Construction--Not Metal
VA52225.97Concrete Construction in Connection With Bridges or Culverts.
VA52225.97Smokestack or Chimney Lining--Not Metal
VA52234.91Swimming Pool Construction--Not Iron or Steel--& Drivers.
VA53483.35Ceramic Tile, Indoor Stone, Marble, or Mosaic Work
VA54024.14Greenhouse Erection--All Operations.
VA54024.14Hothouse Erection--All Operations
VA54034.65Carpentry--Construction of Residential Dwellings Exceeding Three Stories in Height or Commercial Buildings and Structures
VA54034.65Construction--Elevator or Hod Hoist Installation, Repair or Removal & Drivers--Wooden Buildings or Structures Including Those Designed for Dwelling Occupancy
VA54034.65Oil Rig or Derrick Erecting or Dismantling--All Operations--Wood
VA54034.65Scaffolding--Sidewalk Bridges Not Over One Story in Height
VA54034.65Siding Installation--All Types--All Other Buildings or Structures--Including Residential Dwellings Exceeding Three Stories in Height
VA54034.65Wrecking--Building or Structures--Not Marine--All Operations--Wooden Buildings or Structures Including Those Designed for Dwelling Occupancy
VA54374.61Carpentry--Installation of Cabinet Work or Interior Trim
VA54374.61Floor Installation, Sanding or Scraping--Wood Floors
VA54432.8Lathing & Drivers.
VA54454.79Wallboard, Sheetrock, Drywall, Plasterboard, or Cement Board Installation Within Buildings & Drivers
VA54625.01Glazier--Away From Shop & Drivers
VA54725.37Asbestos Removal Operations: Contractor--Pipe and Boiler Work Exclusively & Drivers.
VA54735.43Asbestos Removal Operations: Contractor--NOC & Drivers.
VA54744.87Painting NOC & Shop Operations, Drivers.
VA54784.02Floor Covering Installation--Resilient Flooring--Carpet and Laminate Flooring
VA54794.19Insulation Work NOC & Drivers.
VA54804.45Plastering NOC & Drivers
VA54911.34Paperhanging & Drivers.
VA55064.93Airport Construction & Drivers: Paving
VA55064.93Asphalt Works & Drivers: Operated by Road Paving Contractors--Temporary Location & Drivers
VA55064.93Oiling of Roads & Drivers: Delivery and Spreading of Oil in Conjunction with the Spreading of Sand or Gravel by Oil Distributors.
VA55064.93Street or Road Construction: Paving or Repaving & Drivers.
VA55073.83Street or Road Construction: Subsurface Work & Drivers
VA55073.83Stump Removal Operations--By Specialist Contractor & Drivers
VA55088.16Street or Road Construction: Rock Excavation & Drivers.
VA55354.27Awning Erection--Metal--Erection of Metal Awnings Exclusively & Drivers
VA55354.27Metal Ceiling or Wall Covering Installation & Drivers
VA55354.27Sheet Metal Work--Installation & Drivers
VA55354.27Silo Erection--Metal or Glass Fused to Steel & Drivers
VA55373.36Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Systems--Installation, Service and Repair, Shop, Yard & Drivers
VA555111.19Roofing--All Kinds & Yard Employees, Drivers
VA56061.17Contractor--Project Manager, Construction Executive, Construction Manager or Construction Superintendent
VA56104.49Cleaner--Debris Removal--Construction
VA56104.49Cleaning: Railroad Freight Cars--Not Tank
VA56459.5Carpentry--Construction of Detached One- or Two-Family Dwellings
VA56459.5Siding Installation--All Types--Detached One- or Two-Family Dwellings
VA56516.87Carpentry--Construction of Dwellings--Three Stories or Less.
VA56516.87Military Reservation Construction
VA56516.87Siding Installation--All Types--Dwellings--Three Stories or Less
VA57038.36Building Raising or Moving
VA570510.98Salvage Operation--No Wrecking or Any Structural Operations.
VA59510.23Serum, Anti-Toxin or Virus Mfg. & Drivers
VA60035.78Construction--Elevator or Hod Hoist Installation, Repair or Removal & Drivers--Piers or Wharves
VA60035.78Pile Driving
VA60052.85Jetty or Breakwater Construction--All Operations to Completion & Drivers
VA6018Dam or Lock Construction: Earthmoving or Placing--All Operations & Drivers.
VA6045Levee Construction--All Operations to Completion & Drivers
VA62047.72Drilling NOC & Drivers
VA62047.72Well Drilling--Water & Drivers
VA62062.71Oil or Gas Well--Acidizing--All Employees & Drivers
VA62062.71Oil or Gas Well--Cementing & Drivers
VA62131.36Oil or Gas Well--Specialty Tool & Equipment Leasing NOC--All Employees & Drivers
VA6214Oil or Gas Well--Perforating of Casing--All Employees & Drivers
VA62165.29Gas or Oil Lease Work--NOC--Natural Gas--By Specialist Contractor & Drivers
VA62165.29Oil or Gas Lease Work NOC--By Specialist Contractor & Drivers
VA62174.22Airport Construction & Drivers--Grading
VA62174.22Blasting Rock & Drivers
VA62174.22Clearing of Right-of-Way--Electric, Power, Telephone, Burglar, or Fire Alarm Lines--Brush Clearing or Removal--New or Existing Right-of-Way & Drivers
VA62174.22Excavation & Drivers
VA62174.22Excavation & Drivers NOC
VA62174.22Grading of Land NOC & Drivers
VA62174.22Rock Excavation & Drivers
VA62295.05Irrigation or Drainage System Construction & Drivers.
VA62332.57Oil or Gas Pipeline Construction & Drivers
VA62358.52Oil or Gas Well--Drilling or Redrilling & Drivers
VA62366.62Oil or Gas Well--Installation or Recovery of Casing & Drivers
VA62371.55Oil or Gas Well--Instrument Logging or Survey Work & Drivers
VA62513.28Tunneling--All Operations
VA62525.94Caisson Work--All Operations to Completion
VA62525.94Cofferdam Dam Work--Not Pneumatic--All Operations to Completion
VA62525.94Shaft Sinking--All Operations.
VA63063.88Sewer Construction--All Operations & Drivers.
VA63193.72Gas Main or Connection Construction & Drivers.
VA63193.72Steam Mains or Connection Construction & Drivers
VA63193.72Water Main or Connection Construction & Drivers
VA63252.89Conduit Construction--For Cables or Wires--& Drivers
VA64005.84Fence Installation and Repair--Metal, Vinyl, Wood, or Prefabricated Concrete Panel Fence Installed by Hand
VA65031.38Potato Chip, Popcorn & Snack Chip Mfg. NOC
VA65041.75Food Products Mfg. NOC
VA6702Railroad Construction--All Operations Including Clerical, Salespersons and Drivers
VA6703Railroad Construction--All Operations Including Clerical, Salespersons and Drivers
VA6704Railroad Construction--All Operations Including Clerical, Salespersons and Drivers
VA6801Boatbuilding--Wood--NOC & Drivers.
VA6811Boatbuilding--Wood--NOC & Drivers.
VA68246.96Boatbuilding or Repair & Drivers.
VA68263.65Marina & Drivers.
VA68342.53Boatbuilding or Repair & Drivers.
VA68363.65Marina & Drivers.
VA68435.76Shipbuilding--Iron or Steel--NOC & Drivers.
VA68454.4Shipbuilding--Naval & Drivers.
VA6854Shipbuilding--Iron or Steel--NOC & Drivers.
VA68726.84Marine Railway Operation & Drivers
VA68726.84Ship Cleaning--All Operations & Drivers
VA68726.84Ship Repair Conversion--All Operations & Drivers.
VA687411.06Painting: Ship Hulls
VA68823.47Marine Railway Operation & Drivers
VA68823.47Ship Cleaning--All Operations & Drivers
VA68823.47Ship Repair Conversion--All Operations & Drivers.
VA68843.32Painting: Ship Hulls
VA70165.49Fishing Vessels--NOC
VA70165.49Supply Boats
VA70246.1Fishing Vessels--NOC
VA70246.1Supply Boats
VA70383.04Boat Livery--Boats Under 15 Tons.
VA70383.04Yachts--Private--Sail or Power
VA70464.01Vessels--Not Self-Propelled.
VA70476.82Fishing Vessels--NOC
VA70476.82Supply Boats
VA7050Boat Livery--Boats Under 15 Tons.
VA7050Yachts--Private--Sail or Power
VA7069Power Boats--Engaged in Menhaden Fishing Only
VA7076Power Boats--Engaged in Menhaden Fishing Only
VA70903.38Boat Livery--Boats Under 15 Tons.
VA70903.38Yachts--Private--Sail or Power
VA7094Power Boats--Engaged in Menhaden Fishing Only
VA70984.46Vessels--Not Self-Propelled.
VA7099Vessels--Not Self-Propelled.
VA71339.4Railroad Operation: NOC--All Employees & Drivers.
VA7151Railroad Operation--All Employees Including Drivers.
VA7152Railroad Operation--All Employees Including Drivers.
VA7153Railroad Operation--All Employees Including Drivers.
VA72224.27Trucking: Oil Field Equipment--All Employees & Drivers
VA7225Automobile Towing & Drivers
VA7225Roadside Assistance & Drivers
VA72285.35Automobile: Haulaway or Driveaway--Local Hauling Only--All Employees & Drivers
VA72285.35Scaffolding: Delivery of Materials Only--Local Hauling Only--No Installation, Repair or Removal
VA72285.35Snow Removal: Hauling Snow Under Contract--Local Hauling Only--No Snow Clearing--All Employees & Drivers
VA72285.35Trucking: Hauling Explosives or Ammunition--Local Hauling Only--All Employees & Drivers
VA72285.35Trucking: Local Hauling Only--All Employees and Drivers
VA72296.1Automobile: Haulaway or Driveaway--Long Distance Hauling--All Employees & Drivers
VA72296.1Scaffolding: Delivery of Materials Only--Long Distance Hauling--No Installation, Repair or Removal--All Employees & Drivers
VA72296.1Snow Removal: Hauling Snow Under Contract--Long Distance Hauling--No Snow Cleaning--All Employees & Drivers
VA72296.1Trucking: Hauling Explosives or Ammunition--Long Distance Hauling--All Employees & Drivers
VA72296.1Trucking: Long Distance Hauling--All Employees and Drivers
VA72308.9Trucking: Parcel or Package Delivery--All Employees & Drivers.
VA72318.93Mail, Parcel or Package Delivery and Courier or Messenger Service Companies--All Employees & Drivers
VA72325.35Trucking: Mail, Parcel or Package Delivery--Under Contract With the U.S. Postal Service--All Employees & Drivers.
VA73133.84Coal Dock Operation & Stevedoring.
VA73133.84Ore Dock Operation & Stevedoring
VA7317Automobile--Haulaway or Driveaway--Driving Autos On or Off Vessels
VA7317Stevedoring--By Hand or Hand Trucks Exclusively
VA7327Stevedoring--Containerized Freight & Drivers
VA7333Dredging--All Types
VA73354.81Dredging--All Types
VA7337Dredging--All Types
VA735011.63Freight Handling NOC--Coverage Under U.S. Act
VA735011.63Freight Handling--Packing, Handling or Shipping Explosives or Ammunition--Under Contract--Coverage under U.S. Act
VA735011.63Refrigerator Car Loading or Unloading
VA73603.3Freight Handling NOC--Coverage Under State Act Only
VA73603.3Freight Handling--Packing, Handling or Shipping Explosives or Ammunition--Under Contract--Coverage Under State Act Only
VA73603.3Refrigerator Car Loading or Unloading
VA73803.69Banks and Trust Companies: Armored Car Operation & Drivers
VA73803.69Distributing Companies & Drivers
VA73803.69Drivers, Chauffeurs, Messengers, and Their Helpers NOC--Commercial
VA73902.87Beer or Ale Dealer--Wholesale & Drivers.
VA73945.66Salvage Operations--Marine
VA73956.29Salvage Operations--Marine
VA73987.02Salvage Operations--Marine
VA74020.09Aviation--Air Traffic Controllers Under Contract With the FAA
VA74032.8Aviation--Airport or Heliport Operator--All Employees & Drivers
VA74032.8Aviation--All Other Employees & Drivers
VA74032.8Aviation--Patrol, Photography, Mapping, or Survey Work--All Employees & Drivers
VA74032.8Aviation--Transportation of Personnel in Conduct of Employer's Business--Ground Crew & Drivers
VA74051.66Aviation--Air Carrier--Scheduled, Commuter, or Supplemental--Flying Crew
VA74204.83Aviation--Aerial Application, Seeding, Herding, or Scintillometer Surveying--Flying Crew
VA74204.83Aviation--Aerial Firefighting--Flying Crew
VA74204.83Aviation--Stunt Flying, Racing or Parachute Jumping--Flying Crew
VA74210.71Aviation--Transportation of Personnel in Conduct of Employer's Business--Flying Crew
VA74221.33Aviation--Flight Testing--Flying Crew
VA74221.33Aviation--NOC--Other Than Helicopters--Flying Crew
VA74221.33Aviation--Patrol, Photography, Mapping, or Survey Work--Flying Crew
VA74221.33Aviation--Sales or Service Agency or Student Instruction--Flying Crew
VA74251.59Aviation--Helicopters--Flying Crew
VA74310.92Aviation--Air Charter or Air Taxi--Flying Crew
VA75021.43Gas Company: Gas Co.--Natural Gas--Local Distribution & Drivers.
VA75021.43Gas Distributing--L.P.G. Local & Drivers
VA75021.43Gas Works & Drivers
VA75150.83Oil or Gas Pipeline Operation & Drivers.
VA75202.84Waterworks Operation & Drivers.
VA75385.54Electric Light or Power Line Construction & Drivers.
VA75385.54Floodlighting of Stadiums, Parks & Drivers.
VA75391.14Electric Light or Power Co. NOC--All Employees & Drivers.
VA75391.14Steam Heating or Power Co.--All Employees & Drivers
VA75402.62Electric Light or Power Cooperative--REA Project Only--All Employees & Drivers.
VA75801.87Sewage Disposal Plant Operation & Drivers
VA75903.4Garbage Works.
VA76002.01Telephone or Telegraph Co.: All Other Employees & Drivers.
VA76014.93Telephone, Telegraph or Fire Alarm Line Construction & Drivers.
VA76051.5Burglar Alarm Installation or Repair & Drivers
VA76051.5Fire Alarm Installation or Repair & Drivers
VA76051.5Intercommunication Systems Installation or Repair & Drivers
VA76051.5Sound Systems Installation or Repair & Drivers
VA76100.25Motion Picture: Production--In Studio or Outside--All Operations up to the Development of Negatives & Clerical, Drivers
VA76100.25Radio or Television Broadcasting Station--All Employees & Clerical, Drivers.
VA76114.14Telephone or Cable TV Line Installation--Contractors, Underground & Drivers
VA76125.29Telephone or Cable TV Line Installation--Contractors, Overhead & Drivers
VA76134.29Telephone or Cable TV Line Installation--Contractors, Service Lines and Connections & Drivers
VA77054.62Ambulance Service Companies and EMS (Emergency Medical Service) Providers & Drivers
VA77104.37Fire Patrol or Protective Corps & Drivers--No Salvage Operations
VA77104.37Firefighters & Drivers
VA77104.37Forest or Wildland Firefighting & Drivers
VA77114.37Fire Patrol or Protective Corps & Drivers--Volunteer
VA77114.37Firefighters, Ambulance Service Companies, and EMS (Emergency Medical Service) Providers--All Employees & Drivers--Volunteer
VA77114.37Forest or Wildland Firefighting & Drivers--Volunteer
VA77201.48Detective or Patrol Agency & Drivers
VA77201.48National Guard and Other State Military Organizations--Officers and Members Thereof
VA77201.48Police Officers & Drivers
VA77201.48Security Enforcement or Protection--Contract & Drivers
VA77231.58Detective or Patrol Agency--Private & Drivers.
VA77231.58Security Guard Services--Private & Drivers
VA7727Auxiliary and Reserve Police--All Employees & Drivers.
VA78552.9Railroad Construction--Laying or Relaying of Tracks or Maintenance of Way by Contractor--No Work on Elevated Railroads & Drivers
VA80011.79Store: Florist & Drivers
VA80021.59Automobile Rental Co.: All Other Employees & Counter Personnel, Drivers
VA80021.59Truck: Rental: All Other Employees & Counter Personnel, Drivers.
VA80061.54Gasoline Station: Self-Service and Convenience/Grocery--Retail. Applies to Each Separate Store Location Meeting All of the Following Conditions
VA80061.54Grocery, Tea or Coffee Dealer--Retail
VA80061.54Household Furnishings or Wearing Apparel Dealer--Retail
VA80061.54Store: Coffee, Tea or Spice--Retail
VA80061.54Store: Convenience--Retail
VA80061.54Store: Dairy Products--Retail
VA80061.54Store: Delicatessen--Retail--No Selling of Uncooked Fresh Meats
VA80061.54Store: Frozen or Frosted Food--Retail
VA80061.54Store: Fruit or Vegetable--Retail--No Handling of Fresh Meats
VA80081.05Store: Clothing, Wearing Apparel or Dry Goods--Retail
VA80081.05Store: Dry Goods--Retail
VA80081.05Store: Shoe--Retail
VA80101.23Agricultural Implement Stores--Not Farm Machinery
VA80101.23Audio or Video Parts and Accessories Stores
VA80101.23Bicycles--Retail Sale or Rental--Includes Repair
VA80101.23Locksmith--Including Shop
VA80101.23Store: Hardware.
VA80101.23Store: Ship Chandler--No Mfg. Operations
VA80130.3Diamond Cutting or Polishing
VA80130.3Hearing Aid Stores
VA80130.3Optical Stores
VA80130.3Precious Stone Setting
VA80150.63Quick Printing--Copying or Duplicating Service--All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers
VA80171.06Bakeries--Retail Store Sales
VA80171.06Beer or Ale Dealer--Retail
VA80171.06Camera or Photograph Supplies Stores--Retail
VA80171.06Five and Ten Cent
VA80171.06Floor Coverings--Retail
VA80171.06Hat Cleaning
VA80171.06Laundry--Self Service
VA80171.06Luggage Stores--Retail
VA80171.06Paint Stores--Retail
VA80171.06Pawn Shops
VA80171.06Shoe Shining Establishment
VA80171.06Sporting Goods--Retail
VA80171.06Store--Pet and Pet Supply--Retail
VA80171.06Store--Retail NOC
VA80171.06Tailor Shop
VA80171.06Wallpaper Stores--Retail
VA80182.04Barber or Beauty Parlor Supply Houses
VA80182.04Egg Dealers--Including Grading, Candling, Packing--Wholesale
VA80182.04Floor Coverings--Wholesale
VA80182.04Mill Supply Dealers
VA80182.04Paint Stores--Wholesale
VA80182.04Soft Drink Distributors--Wholesale--No Bottling
VA80182.04Store--Fruit or Vegetable--Wholesale
VA80182.04Store--Pet and Pet Supply--Wholesale
VA80182.04Store--Vegetable or Fruit--Wholesale
VA80182.04Wallpaper Stores--Wholesale
VA80182.04Welding Supply Dealers
VA80211.99Store: Meat, Fish or Poultry Dealer--Wholesale.
VA80312.25Cold Storage Locker Frozen Foods
VA80312.25Store: Meat, Fish or Poultry--Retail
VA80321.37Store: Clothing, Wearing Apparel or Dry Goods--Wholesale
VA80321.37Store: Shoe--Wholesale.
VA80331.51Store: Meat, Grocery and Provision Stores Combined--Retail NOC.
VA80371.69Store--Superstores and Warehouse Clubs
VA80391.12Store: Department--Retail
VA80442.07Furniture Rental--Chairs, Coat Racks, Dishes & Drivers
VA80442.07Household Appliance--Electrical--& Drivers
VA80442.07Piano or Organ Dealer--& Drivers.
VA80442.07Store: Furniture & Drivers.
VA80450.47Store--Drug Retail.
VA80462.16Automobile Recycling: Store Employees
VA80462.16Store: Automobile Parts and Accessories NOC & Drivers.
VA80470.7Store: Drug--Wholesale
VA80582.24Building Material Dealer--New Materials Only: Store Employees
VA80582.24Home Improvement Center--New Materials Only: Store Employees
VA80582.24Lumberyard--New Materials Only: Store Employees
VA80720.55Store: Audio or Video Cassette, Book, Record, Compact Disc, Software--Retail
VA80720.55Store: Book, Record, Compact Disc, Software, Video or Audio Cassette--Retail
VA80720.55Store: Compact Disc, Book, Record, Software, Video or Audio Cassette--Retail
VA80720.55Store: Record, Book, Compact Disc, Software, Video or Audio Cassette--Retail
VA80720.55Store: Video or Audio Cassette, Book, Record, Compact Disc, Software--Retail
VA81020.94Bean Sorting or Handling
VA81020.94Peanut Handling
VA81020.94Seed Merchant.
VA81031.85Clippings Dealer
VA81031.85Cotton Compressing
VA81031.85Cotton Merchant
VA81031.85Cotton Storage
VA81031.85Wiping Cloth Dealer & Laundry Operations
VA81031.85Wool Merchant
VA81065.02Concrete: Reinforcing Rod or Bar Dealer & Drivers: Oil Well Drilling Rigs--Warehousing and Sales & Drivers
VA81065.02Iron or Steel Merchant & Drivers.
VA81072.57Contractors: Equipment Rental & Drivers
VA81072.57Contractors: Machinery Dealer & Drivers
VA81072.57Machinery Dealer NOC--Store or Yard--& Drivers.
VA81072.57Oil or Gas Well: Supplies or Equipment Dealer--New--Store or Yard Only--& Drivers.
VA81111.49Plumbers' Supplies Dealer & Drivers.
VA81162.12Farm Machinery Dealer--All Operations & Drivers.
VA82034.15Ice Mfg. or Distribution & Drivers
VA82043.79Building Material Yard & Local Managers, Drivers.
VA82043.79Oil or Gas Well: Supplies or Equipment Dealer--Used--& Local Managers, Drivers
VA82092.72Vegetable Packing & Drivers.
VA82154.91Feed, Fertilizer, Hay, or Grain Dealer & Local Managers, Drivers--No Mfg.
VA82274.08Construction or Erection Permanent Yard
VA82323.93Building Material Dealer--New Materials Only: All Other Employees & Yard, Warehouse, Drivers
VA82323.93Concrete: Ready-Mix Dealer & Yard Employees, Drivers
VA82323.93Fuel and Material Dealer NOC--No Secondhand Building Materials or Lumber--& Local Managers, Drivers
VA82323.93Home Improvement Center--New Materials Only: All Other Employees & Yard, Warehouse, Drivers
VA82323.93Lumberyard New Materials Only: All Other Employees & Yard, Warehouse, Drivers
VA82331.71Coal Merchant & Local Managers, Drivers
VA82352.71Sash, Door or Assembled Millwork Dealer & Drivers.
VA82635.2Junk Dealer & Drivers
VA82654.64Iron or Steel Scrap Dealer & Drivers
VA82795.71Club--Riding & Drivers
VA82795.71Dog Show: Kennel Employees and Drivers
VA82795.71Horse Show: Stable Employees & Drivers
VA82795.71Livery or Boarding Stable--Not Sales Stable--& Drivers
VA82795.71Racetrack Operation: Horse or Dog: Stable Hands or Kennel Employees & Drivers
VA82795.71Riding Academy or Club & Drivers
VA82795.71Stable or Breeding Farm & Drivers.
VA82886.73Cattle Dealer & Salespersons, Drivers
VA82886.73Feed Lots--Cattle & Salespersons, Drivers
VA82886.73Livestock Dealer or Commission Merchant & Salespersons, Drivers.
VA82886.73Livestock Sales Co. & Salespersons, Drivers
VA82886.73Sales Stable & Salespersons, Drivers
VA82886.73Stockyard & Salespersons, Drivers
VA82912.53Storage Warehouse--Cold
VA82912.53Warehousing--Cold Storage.
VA82922.17Storage Warehouse NOC.
VA82922.17Warehousing NOC
VA82935.55Furniture Moving & Storage, Drivers.
VA82935.55Storage Warehouse--Furniture & Drivers.
VA82935.55Warehousing--Furniture & Drivers
VA83043.53Grain Elevator Operation & Local Managers, Drivers.
VA83505.34Gas Dealer--L.P.G. & Drivers
VA83505.34Gasoline Dealer & Drivers.
VA83505.34Oil Dealer & Drivers
VA83505.34Oiling of Roads & Drivers: Solvent Dealers--Bulk & Drivers
VA83811.21Gasoline Station: Self-Service Only--Retail.
VA83851.69Ambulance Service Companies--Garage Employees
VA83851.69Automobile Rental Co.: Garage Employees
VA83851.69Bus Co.: Garage Employees
VA83851.69Limousine Co.: Garage Employees
VA83851.69Railroad Operation: Street: Yard Employees
VA83851.69Taxicab Co.: Garage Employees
VA83851.69Truck: Rental: Garage Employees
VA83921.6Automobile Storage Garage, Parking Lot or Parking Station, Valet Service, Cashiers or Counter Personnel & Drivers
VA85005.21Metal Scrap Dealer & Drivers
VA86010.35Architectural or Engineering Firm--& Drivers
VA86020.89Surveyors, Timber Cruisers, Oil or Gas Geologists or Scouts, & Drivers
VA86030.08Architectural or Engineering Firm--Clerical
VA86030.08Drafting Company--Clerical
VA86061.49Geophysical Exploration--All Employees & Drivers
VA87094.24Steamship Line or Agency Port Employees--Talliers, Checking Clerks and Employees Engaged in Mending or Repacking of Damaged Containers--Coverage Under U.S. Act.
VA87094.24Stevedoring--Talliers and Checking Clerks Engaged in Connection With Stevedore Work--Coverage Under U.S. Act
VA87094.24Weighers, Samplers or Inspectors of Merchandise on Vessels or Docks or Railway Stations or Warehouses
VA87191.53Steamship Line or Agency Port Employees--Talliers, Checking Clerks and Employees Engaged in Mending or Repacking of Damaged Containers--Coverage Under State Act Only.
VA87191.53Stevedoring--Talliers and Checking Clerks Engaged in Connection With Stevedore Work--Coverage Under State Act Only
VA87191.53Weighers, Samplers or Inspectors of Merchandise on Vessels or Docks or Railway Stations or Warehouses
VA87210.22Real Estate Agency--Outside Employees & Collectors
VA87210.22Real Estate Appraisal Company--Outside Employees
VA87251.71Inventory Counters--Traveling--Including Salespersons & Clerical
VA87261.45Steamship Line or Agency--Port Employees: Superintendents, Captains, Engineers, Stewards or Their Assistants, Pay Clerks
VA8734Salespersons, Collectors or Messengers--Outside
VA8737Salespersons, Collectors or Messengers--Outside
VA8738Salespersons, Collectors or Messengers--Outside
VA87420.2Banks and Trust Companies--Special Officers and Armed and Unarmed Attendants, Ushers, Door Attendants, Appraisers, or Field Auditors
VA87420.2Claim Adjusters or Special Agents--Insurance Co.
VA87420.2Salespersons or Collectors--Outside
VA87420.2U.S.O. Operations: Travelers Aid Society
VA87453.21News Agent or Distributor of Magazines or Other Periodicals--Not Retail Dealer--& Salespersons, Drivers
VA87480.44Automobile Salespersons.
VA87480.44Automobile: Leasing Company--Long-Term: Salespersons
VA87480.44Mobile Home: Dealers: Salespersons
VA87480.44Truck: Leasing--Long-Term: Sales Employees
VA87550.21Labor Union--All Employees.
VA87990.35Mailing or Addressing Company or Letter Service Shop--Clerical Staff
VA88001.05Mailing or Addressing Company or Letter Service Shop
VA88030.04Auditors, Accountant, or Computer System Designer or Programmer--Traveling
VA8805Clerical Office Employees--NOC
VA88100.08Clerical Office Employees NOC
VA88100.08Computer System Designers or Programmers--Exclusively Office
VA88100.08Public Library or Museum--Professional Employees & Clerical
VA88100.08Racetrack Operation--Horse or Dog--Pari-Mutuel Clerks, Cashiers, and Clerical Office Employees
VA8814Clerical Office Employees--NOC
VA8815Clerical Office Employees--NOC
VA88200.09Attorney--All Employees & Clerical, Messengers, Drivers.
VA88200.09Law Office--All Employees & Clerical, Messengers, Drivers
VA88251.36Retirement Living Centers: Food Service Employees.
VA88261.54Retirement Living Centers: All Other Employees, Salespersons & Drivers.
VA88291.68Convalescent or Nursing Home--All Employees
VA88291.68Home for Aged--All Employees
VA88291.68Nursing Home--All Employees
VA88291.68Rest Home--All Employees
VA88311.29Artificial Insemination of Cattle: Professional Employees
VA88311.29Hospital--Veterinary & Drivers
VA88311.29Pet Grooming or Training & Drivers
VA88311.29Poultry Sexers and Drivers
VA88320.23Dentist & Clerical
VA88320.23Physician & Clerical.
VA88330.74Asylum--Professional Employees
VA88330.74Hospital: Professional Employees
VA88330.74Sanitarium--Professional Employees
VA88611Charitable or Welfare Organization--Professional Employees & Clerical
VA88680.25College: Professional Employees & Clerical
VA88680.25Religious Organization: Professional Employees & Clerical
VA88680.25School: Professional Employees & Clerical
VA88690.94Child Care Center--All Employees Including Clerical, Salespersons & Drivers
VA88690.94Child Day Camp--All Employees Including Clerical, Salespersons & Drivers
VA88690.94Day Nurseries--All Employees Including Clerical, Salespersons & Drivers
VA88710.07Clerical Telecommuter Employees.
VA89010.09Telephone or Telegraph Co.: Office or Exchange Employees & Clerical
VA90120.74Building or Property Management--Property Managers and Leasing Agents & Clerical, Salespersons
VA90120.74Condominiums, Cooperatives or Time-Shares--Property Managers and Leasing Agents & Clerical, Salespersons
VA90120.74Mini-Storage Facilities or Flea Markets--Property Managers and Leasing Agents & Clerical, Salespersons
VA90120.74Mobile Home or Trailer Parks--Property Managers and Leasing Agents & Clerical, Salespersons
VA90142.02Chimney Cleaning--Residential--No Chimney Cleaning Above Ground Level & Drivers
VA90142.02Exterminator & Drivers
VA90142.02Furnace Cleaning--Vacuum Suction Method & Drivers
VA90142.02Janitorial Services by Contractors--No Window Cleaning Above Ground Level & Drivers
VA90142.02Mobile Power or Pressure Cleaning Service--No Power or Pressure Cleaning Above Ground Level & Drivers
VA90161.93Amusement Park or Exhibition Operation & Drivers.
VA90161.93Caves or Caverns--Operation for Exhibition Purposes
VA90161.93Dog Show: Operation by Owner or Lessee & Drivers
VA90161.93Horse Show: Operation by Owner or Lessee & Drivers
VA90161.93Ice-Skating Rink Operation & Drivers
VA90161.93Racetrack Operation: Horse or Dog: All Other Employees Including Starters and Their Assistants, Drivers.
VA90191.43Bridge or Vehicular Tunnel Operation & Drivers.
VA90331.95Housing Authority & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers
VA90402.69Asylum--All Other Employees
VA90402.69Hospital: All Other Employees
VA90402.69Sanitarium--All Other Employees
VA90581.4Commissary Work: Restaurant Employees
VA90581.4Hotel: Restaurant Employees
VA90581.4Motel, Motor Court, Tourist Court or Cabin: Restaurant Employees.
VA90601.32Club--Country, Golf, Fishing or Yacht--All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers
VA90611.04Club NOC & Clerical
VA90611.04Fraternity or Sorority Houses & Clerical
VA90630.77Exercise or Health Institute & Clerical
VA90630.77Health Spa or Steam Bath NOC & Clerical
VA90630.77U.S.O. Operations--Permanent Location
VA90630.77YMCA, YWCA, YMHA or YWHA, Institution--All Employees & Clerical
VA9077United States Armed Service Risk--All Employees & Drivers.
VA9080Dance Hall--All Operations
VA90831Doughnut Shop--Retail
VA90831Restaurant: Fast Food
VA90841.29Bar, Discotheque, Lounge, Nightclub or Tavern.
VA9088Rocket or Missile Testing or Launching & Drivers
VA90890.77Billiard Hall.
VA90931.43Bowling Lane.
VA90931.43Roller-Skating Rink Operation
VA91012.33College: All Other Employees
VA91012.33Public Library or Museum--All Other Employees
VA91012.33Religious Organization: All Other Employees
VA91012.33School--All Other Employees
VA91022.14Lawn Maintenance--Commercial or Domestic & Drivers
VA91022.14Park NOC--All Employees & Drivers
VA91102.21Charitable or Welfare Organization--All Other Employees & Drivers
VA91541.13Dinner Theater NOC--All Other Employees
VA91541.13Theater NOC--All Other Employees
VA91541.13Theater--Drive-In--All Employees.
VA91561.64Dinner Theater NOC--Players
VA91561.64Theater NOC--Players, Entertainers or Musicians
VA91704.61Chimney Cleaning--Residential--Includes Chimney Cleaning Above Ground Level & Drivers
VA91704.61Janitorial Services by Contractors--Includes Window Cleaning Above Ground Level & Drivers
VA91704.61Mobile Power or Pressure Cleaning Services--Includes Power or Pressure Cleaning Above Ground Level & Drivers
VA91784.69Athletic Sports or Park: Non-Contact Sports
VA917919.19Athletic Sports or Park: Contact Sports
VA91804.14Amusement Device Operation NOC--Not Traveling--& Drivers
VA91804.14Club--Shooting & Drivers
VA91804.14Fireworks Exhibition & Drivers
VA91804.14Shooting Gallery & Drivers
VA91822.19Athletic Sports or Park: Operations & Drivers
VA918616.37Carnival, Circus or Amusement Device Operator--Traveling--All Employees & Drivers.
VA92203.72Cemetery Operations & Drivers
VA94024.96Sewer Cleaning & Drivers
VA94024.96Snow Removal: Clearing Snow From Streets or Roads & Drivers
VA94024.96Street Cleaning & Drivers
VA94035.46Garbage, Ashes or Refuse Collection & Drivers.
VA94102.78Municipal, Township, County or State Employee NOC.
VA9411Municipal Social Workers--All Professional Staff.
VA95052.3Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg.: Painting
VA95052.3Painting: Automobile or Carriage Bodies
VA95163.07Automobile: Radio, Television, Video and Audio Equipment Installation, Service or Repair and Drivers
VA95163.07Radio, Television, Video and Audio Equipment Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers.
VA95194.21Air-Conditioning Systems: Portable Units--Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers
VA95194.21Household and Commercial Appliances--Electrical--Installation, Service or Repair & Drivers
VA95194.21Refrigeration: Domestic: Cleaning, Oiling, or Adjusting & Drivers
VA95194.21Refrigeration: Domestic: Installation, Service, or Repair & Drivers
VA9521Advertising Display Installation Service
VA9521Draperies or Curtains: Installation in Public Buildings From Floor or Stepladders
VA9521House Furnishings Installation NOC & Upholstering.
VA9521Sign Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Removal or Replacement: Service
VA9521Upholstering: Away From Shop
VA9522Automobile, Bus, Truck or Trailer Body Mfg.: Upholstering
VA9522Burial Garment Mfg. and Casket or Coffin Upholstering
VA9522Furniture Upholstering
VA9534Bell Installation--Tower--& Drivers
VA9534Mobile Crane and Hoisting Service Contractors--NOC--All Operations--Including Yard Employees and Drivers.
VA9534Scaffolding--Outrigger Scaffold Installation, Repair or Removal & Drivers
VA9534Scaffolding--Suspended or Swinging Scaffold Installation, Repair or Removal & Drivers
VA9554Sign Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Removal, or Replacement NOC & Drivers.
VA9554Sign Painting or Lettering Outside of Buildings or Structures & Drivers
VA9586Barbershop, Beauty Parlor or Hair Styling Salon
VA9586Beauty Parlor
VA9620Crematory Operations & Drivers
VA9620Funeral Director & Drivers
VA9620Undertaker & Drivers
VA9984Atomic Energy: Project Work.
VA9985Atomic Energy: Radiation Exposure NOC.
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