Free List & Data Matching Tool

Select the two files you would like to merge. The files should be in CSV format (you can save an XLS file as a CSV in your spreadsheet application). The file is not required to have a header row, but it is helpful for the next step. Once selected, press Next.

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What does this matching tool do?

This tool uses fuzzy login to match two fields of a list, and combines those matches into one list. This is useful because often times company names and addresses can differ slightly in a list. For example, if you have two lists of companies with different information, you would use the name and/or address fields of the two lists to match the information for the same company into one list.

How large of a list can it handle?

That depends on your computer's resources, and your patience. Don't use an old junker computer to try to process your list. We've used it for lists of 10k+, with room to spare. Let us know how large of a list you're able to process.