SIC Code 2241 (Narrow Fabric Mills) Report for Florida

In Florida the SIC code 2241 is described as Narrow Fabric Mills. There are 3 accounts in the Narrow Fabric Mills SIC in the state of Florida.

The class report below is fully interactive. You can click on the bars in a graph to filter the other graphs by the clicked parameter. It represents all the businesses with worker's comp insurance in Florida in the Narrow Fabric Mills SIC Code.

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Carrier Breakdown By SIC
Carrier This Year Last Year Share
Common Class Code Cross Reference
Common Alternate SIC Codes
7389Business Services, Nec
5136Men's and Boy's Clothing
5131Piece Goods and Notions
2299Textile Goods, Nec
2323Men's and Boy's Neckwear
3732Boatbuilding and Repairing
2396Automotive and Apparel Trimmings
3089Plastics Products, Nec
5112Stationery and Office Supplies
5199Nondurable Goods, Nec
*This data is representative of the data in our database. We strive to ensure the accuracy of our data, but some discrepencies may exist