Class Code Lookup & SIC Code Cross Reference

Looking for a Workers' Comp Class Code? Know the description but not the code? We have your back, just check out our new WC Class Code reference guide and get what you need - class code, description and SIC code cross reference. You'll also find Loss Cost/Base Rate (LC) history and a market summary - all the Carriers writing the class of business and their overall change in volume from the previous year. All for free.

Published 05-23-2017 to Agent Resources

Get Your Underwriting Submission to the Top of the Pile

"I love filling out apps!" Said no producer ever. As much as it sucks filling them out, it sucks equally for the underwriter that has to review them. Are your underwriters taking 2, maybe 3 weeks to get back to you on your submissions? Insurance deals are a lit fuse and time is of the essence. Here are a couple quick tips for getting your submissions to the top of the pile. Whether they're going to offer you a quote or not, it's always better to know sooner rather than later.

Published 11-17-2016 to Agent Resources

Class Code Phraseology Database

Many Class Codes have multiple descriptions or phraseology's associated with them. However our site can only list one. This post provides a searchable list of alternate class code descriptions to help you find the right class codes to search. It probably isn't comprehensive, but you try putting one together and let me know how far you make it. To search for a code use your browser's keyword search (Ctrl + f) - that's the button on your keyboard, probably lower left, that says 'Ctrl' on it. Push that button and the 'F' button at the same time to bring up the search box. Oh, is that common knowledge to you? Wondering why I took the time to write the instruction? Because people ask...and someday I'll still get a support email about the search not working (probably because they're using the company name search instead of following instructions).

Published 08-03-2016 to Agent Resources